The Bucks Stopped Hare

Well we added a few new members to our family over the weekend, 4 to be exact.Meet (from left to right) Flopsy, Cotton-tail, (top)Iron-tail(boy, is he), and Peter. They are New Zealand Whites that we are adding to our “Urban” Farm. Papa is going to make a compost collection under the two does cages for our garden. Rabbit manure is the best possible thing you can have for your garden.

I have previously mentioned that we are not allowed to have chickens where we live but there is nothing about not having rabbits.

Miss Sky has been very busy learning everything she can including checking out a stack full of books from the library. There is so much she can learn from breeding animals including earning a small income. This is the part of school she loves most.

So what is next up on the “to do” list ? Well I am trying my hand at soap making. I will let you know how that turns out.

Meanwhile there has been lots of talk going on here about Fibonacci and Little Sis has been keeping herself occupied drawing.

pictures 1884

She loves to draw as much as Miss Sky loves animals,if that tells you anything.

pictures 1901

She checked out a bunch of drawing books from the library. (Note to family members) This child needs more sketch books, I can not make them fast enough.

pictures 1902

Hmm,I guess we should start thinking of a name for our little “Urban” homestead now.

Wishing everyone a great week!


One Response to “The Bucks Stopped Hare”

  1. Jessie Says:

    I am very excited about the rabbits!! I love that you have them, please keep posts up about the girls and what they are learning about them!

    I will definitely remember to purchase some sketch books for future holidays

    Love and miss you all!!

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