The Art Of Deschooling

I have been using summer to help our family deschool. I have to be honest here though and say the deschooling is really for me. I am the one who keeps worrying about how much academics my girls are finishing every year(making my family miserable).

I have also lifted all bans off the television and the computer for both children. We even purchased the Roku from Netflix to use as part of school. At first I thought I would have a problem with this but the more I wrap my brain around how my girls learn best the more I am seeing certain gifts emerge.

For instance Miss Sky has been practicing her typing and is getting rather good. I asked if she wanted to start writing posts about what she is learning by raising rabbits and she was all for it , really excited actually. I also found a children’s interactive game, called animal jam, on the internet. You get to pick out your own animal design and earn gems to purchase things either for your animal or den. Meanwhile you also get to interact with other children who are playing at the same time. This has been a HUGE success with both girls. The site is through National Geographic and is heavily moderated.

She also has been really getting in with the show Cyberchase which I for one can not believe. The show after all is about math. She has been making up her own adventures and different ways to solve problems, using MATH.

Something else I have come to understand about unschooling is just being “available”for your children. Using the television as a “babysitter” is a big reason as to why I have been against it but actually watching what they are interested in “with them” to me is different. Miss Sky has also been getting in with the show Beakman’s World okay really we both are. Miss Sky asked if we could do one of Beakman’s challenges, um YEAH.

pictures 1910

Can you get this stick to break through the napkin at the end of this paper towel tube?

Catch ? The tube is filled with about 6 inches of salt.

pictures 1911

pictures 1912

pictures 1913

Nope, not even Papa.

So why does the salt not break through the napkin? Well when the salt is pushed through the tube the air or space between the salt granules compacts and puts pressure on the sides of the tube, not the bottom.

Little Sis has been on a reading kick. She wanted to participate in the Double Dog Dare challenge through Boarders. Read 10 books get 1 free. She read her books and picked out the book she wanted. She has also really been getting in with anything Toy Story. She even made her own daycare from Toy Story 3.

pictures 1902

I love her Mrs. Potato Head.

pictures 1901

And she made a Lotso bear family because she thought he wouldn’t be so mean if he had a mom and dad that loved him.

pictures 1905

Then there was PE.

pictures 1906

And game playing

pictures 1909

Where Little Sis kicked our butts in Monopoly. This Child landed on every community chess that allowed her to purchase all the railroads as well as boardwalk and the utility properties. I however wasn’t so lucky as I seemed to pay every tax imaginable.

Last but not least Papa finished our rabbitry.Wishing everyone a great weekend and a Happy 4th of July!


4 Responses to “The Art Of Deschooling”

  1. Sally Faulkner Says:

    We LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Cyberchase here!!!! Back in the days when we had a tv (back when we lived in Clemson), MG and baby Ella watched that almost every day. OK, so Ella didn’t really watch it….we watch it on the computer now, and it still just amazes me at how much it has taught the kids! I don’t like the name-calling, though…(eyes roll)
    All that you guys are doing looks like so much fun — experiments are seriously lacking here, but looking at the links and the projects in action gets me all jazzed up!

  2. Pam Says:

    Alex loves Animal Jam too! So nice to let go and see where they take us!

  3. illya gonzalez Says:

    Where did you buy your Roku? Directly through Netflix?
    I’m asking because as soon as we head back home and start school (Aug 22), I want to subscribe to Netflix and will be needing a roku.
    Thanks and I really enjoy your blog,
    Illya Gonzalez
    (mom to Julia and Camila – almost 9 year old identical twin girls)

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Hi Illya,
      Thanks 🙂
      I did buy our Roku through Netflix and after having it for a few months now I have to tell you we LOVE it! Oh my goodness all the documentaries we have already watched.

      Wishing you many Blessings,
      I also wanted to add you can get the channels TED and Kahn Academy for free.

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