Saying Yes (Well Trying To Anyhow)

I want to start this post first by saying even though I have been reading some wonderful articles over at Sandra Dodd’s unschooling website (again mostly to help change “my” way of thinking). I am still being very cautious as to not allowing myself to get caught up in taking any unnecessary advice. After all I am (still) the best judge of my children.

Now with that “disclaimer” being mentioned ;), I came across an article that has stayed with me these past few weeks. Always Say Yes, The first time I read it I was like yeah sure whatever but then I started to think of in the past just how many times I have said no. “No, we will study that later, no you can’t do any science experiments they will wake you up to soon, or no screens they will give you brain damage” Okay I am over exaggerating  here but I am sure you get my point. So anyway I thought I would give saying yes a try.

There have been a few changes going on in our home, as far as school is concerned. One very significant change has been to stop purchasing things” I” think my girls will enjoy (like books for example) and letting them pick out what they want instead (Do you know how much money this is going to save me?). Well while standing in line at Jo-Anne’s Little Sis became interested in the magazine Your Big Backyard and asked if she could get it, “yes”. Once home we read it from cover to cover.

*Update* Little Sis, while playing the quiz game on Animal Jam, was asked the question “What animal is called the cow of the sea?”. Thanks to our reading of this months Your Big Backyard, she new the answer.

Circle time has been another one of those changes. Now we gather around the table with a notebook while the girls give me ideas of what they want to do for the day ( I think I might have Miss Sky become the note taker, this would be a great way for her to practice writing and spelling). Little Sis,”Can we make this ?” pointing to her new magazine. Me, “Yes” ( I think I am getting the hang of this ;)).

pictures 1921

Then there was cookies that wanted to be baked (Miss Sky)

pictures 1925

and  handwriting to be practiced from starfall (Little Sis, yes she loves to write)

pictures 1927

She leaves notes all over the house.

pictures 1924

Next there was hide and seek math, an idea I got from this lovely blog.

pictures 1920

Hide gems, in 2 piles, around the house. Give each player a sheet of paper with the symbols you want them to use. For example Little Sis has + and -, Miss Sky has the multiply and divide symbols. Next have them write the number of gems found in the blanks then solve the equation. Little Sis wanted to do this several times and I think we will be playing again tomorrow.

I of course had a project to add to the list as well. It is one of those projects that I have been meaning to get to for some time( I guess writing something on “the list” is not just for children) and the reason for being at Jo-Anne’s (like I really need one).

pictures 1929

A felt board, Papa made me a square frame out of scrap wood and I stapled 1/2 yard of felt around it.

pictures 1930

Now to get some help in cutting out more shapes.

Wishing everyone a great week!


4 Responses to “Saying Yes (Well Trying To Anyhow)”

  1. Sally Faulkner Says:

    I am so diggin’ this post! I love that game — it’s on my to-do list!!

  2. Melissa Says:

    Looking good! Can you recommend particular Unschooling books? Glad you guys enjoyed my game! 🙂 Have a great summer.

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