Plans Are Made To Be Broken

Something I have come to realize along life’s journey is that plans don’t always go the way I intended.

I am a planner, my brain is constantly busying itself planning out  perfect projects that “I” think would be great to add to our school day. I have posted about all the time I have spent on-line reading, searching, and bookmarking ideas. Then even with my best intentions our day never works the way I had planned. This is one battle that seems to always get the best of me. Even now after I have switched gears in our homeschooling plans, I am still left with the feeling of “but we have to do this”.

I wrote a post about next years upcoming plans of reading through the Magic Tree House series. We even read the first book Dinosaurs Before Dark and the girls loved it because “they” wanted to read it. I of course had all these great projects laid out like making a volcano and I even bought this plant to do a botany study of ferns. Then they were going to write this great report on their most favorite dinosaur. Well I guess life had other plans. In between that time the girls had VBS, then there were the rabbits, and craft projects to make. Without my consent our study of dinosaurs had come to an end. But, but what about all my great plans?  Then all of a sudden it became quite clear, these were “my” plans and not the girls. They were done, they learned everything “they” wanted to and were ready to move on. It was time for me to move on too.

I think we feel like because we spent all this time and money coming up with all these wonderful plans we “have” to use them. The funny thing about all this is since “I” moved on I can’t believe everything the girls have learned ,without the use of my plans, this summer. Dare I even say that since I let go they are learning more than if we had stuck to my plans.

While at the grocery store Little Sis asked “Why does everybody come here?” as I explained to buy food like we do she then asked” but where does all this stuff come from?”. I am going to be completely honest and say I LOVED answering her questions.

Our garden has also began to reap all of its wonderful bounty and we have been taking it all in. Green and jalapeno peppers have made their way into our menu but by far the best reason, in my opinion, to have a garden is the tomatoes.  Especially the green ones :). We do not buy any tomatoes at all so the anticipation of popping that first red tomato into our mouths can be overwhelming.

Miss Sky asked if she could help fry the green tomatoes, she wanted to know how to make them, so I replied Yes of course.

Then there has been lots of sprinkler play and watching new favorite shows. Little Sis LOVES Super Why but the most exciting news was finding KidZui ( Thank you Cori from Wonder In The Woods!). I don’t mind the idea of my girls playing on the computer but the thought of them being on-line made me a bit nervous. KidZui is a completely monitored internet for children. It only allows them access to children’s web sites and blocks any sites that may have questionable content. I no longer need to be on-line for them to play games like animal jam.

So what plans do the girls have for me this week? We are beginning a L. Frank Baum read-a-thon, starting with where we left off in the Oz series, book 5 The Road to Oz.(They are catching on to my picture-taking.)

Wishing everyone a great week!


4 Responses to “Plans Are Made To Be Broken”

  1. Melissa Says:

    So, have you officially decided to Unschool? I mean, when the fall comes around, do you have “plans” or are you going to follow this and see where it leads?

    Looks like you guys are having fun!

    Many blessings,

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Yes and no :).
      Unschooling means no parent interference in any way. We still will be working on math so that means we are not officially “unschoolers.” Everything else though is up to the girls, so this means no plans from me come fall. We will just continue with what we are doing now.

      We are having fun and that has been missing from our days.

      Blessings to you,

  2. Melissa Says:


    I’ve been reading all about the Unschooling lately. I feel drawn to it. But, then I also want the Waldorf stuff .. the Old Testament and stuff .. .but in a more relaxed, when we get to it sort of manner, I guess. I’m trying to train my mind to RELAX and enjoy … Like, if we have a Spanish Club and we go to the Zoo and to the Museum and can’t get to “lessons”, it’s OKAY … better than OKAY … they’re learning. Trying to think like this ~ let’s read and draw and cook and go and do and have fun … When the mood strikes, let’s do some Main Lesson work, but if life is more fun and engaging, LET IT BE. That’s what I’VE been pondering anyway … 🙂

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Hi Melissa :),

      “I guess. I’m trying to train my mind to RELAX and enjoy”

      Yes, that is me. It sounds to me you know exactly what you want, why it is SO hard to wrap our minds around it beats the heck out of me.
      But this is what makes homeschooling so great, we have to ability to take what we like and what works best for our family then toss the rest.

      Wishing you all the best for your school year !

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