Vacation Holiday

What would summer be without loading the family up and heading out on a family vacation ?

I mean could you still call it summer without some form of a long car ride filled with fighting siblings embarked in a marker fight (um Laura :)), or visits to every rest area imaginable ( because this one just might be different since we ARE in a different state after all), then deciding maybe you really don’t need to go after all only to have to go 5 minutes later after pulling out of the nearest one for the next 50 miles.

Yes, a vacation is just what the doctor ordered (I could have done without the sunburn though).

pictures 1935

pictures 1934

pictures 1936

pictures 1939

pictures 1956

pictures 1953

pictures 1951

pictures 1943

pictures 1958

pictures 1965

I have to be honest though and say as much as I like to get away, there is no place like home. 🙂



One Response to “Vacation Holiday”

  1. Sally Faulkner Says:

    haahhaa! Wjoo boy, I hear ya, on all counts!! Glad all went well, and that you are back to your nest!

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