How About A Little More Communication Please

Something I have learned about Interest-Led Learning is to keep a journal of your children’s interests. Well okay, that is kind of why I started to blog so I think I can manage that.

I have posted how Miss Sky has taken an interest in graphic novels and comic books. Well, she has also taken an interest in the television shows She-Ra(thanks to Mama) and X-men Evolution. I feel so ashamed to admit that I have been getting in with X-men just as much as she has. I don’t think I have ever mentioned I am a complete Sci-Fi nerd. Yes, I waited in line for over an hour to see the brand new Star Wars movie, The Phantom Menace. Of course, that was BC, before children ;).

Anywho Miss Sky has always had a great imagination, she actually came up with Animal Girl years ago. It just has never made it onto the page quite yet. So to make a long story short for our next block we are going to do a little bit of writing and a whole lot of imagining. Starting first with the spoken language or what we like to call communication. I mean what are words anyway, and just why are they so important?

Tools we will be using for this block include the books:

*Update* about the writing book, I do not like it. It is too forced and reminds me too much of a school lesson.

I do really like the Word Playbook. There are wonderful games to help understand the importance of words. I have even learned a lot from this book. I put it right up there with the Family math book :).

I should add these 2 books above are for me to help get ideas to use, not to use as reading aloud.

Of course, as one that gets nothing from Amazon for advertising, don’t forget to look for these books at your local library or favorite used bookstores.

First, we made our own “noodle books” the same way we make our MLB. Then, starting with the book Word Play Cafe, we played the game Wordless Waffles as to get an idea just how important words are needed to communicate with one another (sort of like charades). This was too much fun. Next, is the classic movie lovers that Papa and I are, we watched one of The Little’s favorite Chaplin movies The Circus, the other being The Kid but we were more in a comedy sort of mood.

This, of course, can lead to all kinds of other ideas like writing and perform your own silent skit, maybe even videotaping it(It’s been added to “the list”).

For math Monday we did a little geography lesson too. What is the highest mountain in the United States? Mt. McKinley located in Alaska. What is the highest mountain in the world? Mt. Everest in Nepal. The problem? How much higher is Mt. Everest? Miss Sky looked everything up and figured out how to solve the problem. She also found Nepal and Alaska on the globe. This, of course, could lead to a study of mountain climbers and a study of the first team to reach the top of Mt. Everest. Their stories alone are amazing.

Well, that about sums up our day, we plan to continue working out of the book Word Play Cafe for the rest of the week and there may be a few more X-men episodes thrown in as well.

Wishing everyone a great week!


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