Letting Go Is Hard To Do

When I first began homeschooling I wrote a  list (more like a book)of everything  I was “not” going to do.

Already having a child in the public school system I saw first hand how a bright vibrant child was slowly drained of her individuality. Now this child is a young lady(21) and starting out on a journey of her own.

Well, I was not going to have this happen twice so with my new list I jumped in and started to home educate my now 10-year-old daughter.We started to join in other homeschooling outings and began to “socialize”  ;). People would ask me what curriculum I was using. I was like I don’t know common sense. Well by the looks I was given I thought maybe I should start doing some research on curriculum. All the while that little voice in the back of my head was saying but wait isn’t that what schools use?

That is when I discovered Waldorf education, now I had experts to back up my common sense theory ( I have since come to the conclusion that I could pretty much use anyone’s theory and make it fit what I believe).

Now don’t get me wrong there are things I love about Waldorf education and I truly believe that if Rudolf Steiner was alive today he would be shaking his head. What I loved most though was the freedom of here this is what I have learned now go and make it yours.

Very soon I began to forget the list “I” had made at the very beginning and replaced it with notes and notes of someone else’s. Before I knew it our home began to look more and more like school, even if it was “Waldorf” school.

All of a sudden we had a bunch of rules where happiness used to be and instead of protecting my child from the world I made her scared of it. Instead of lighting a spark about the world she was born into I put out the flame.

I might not exactly like where we are heading as a society with all this new technology but that does not mean that my children won’t. This is when I start to think about what people thought of Elvis and rock ‘n roll back in the 50’s (man if they could see it now). Would life be better today if rock ‘n roll was never invented? For me? No! Change doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

Little by little my old list has made its way back out again and I have let go of everyone else’s.

Little by little I have started to say yes and have let go of no.

Little by little my children are finding new passions and I have let go of the words school day, schoolroom, and school year.

Little by little I am beginning to see all of what my children “are” doing and have let go of what they are not.

Little by little learning will no longer be separated from the living and then I will have truly let go.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


7 Responses to “Letting Go Is Hard To Do”

  1. Sally Faulkner Says:

    yay yay yay mama!!!

  2. Waldorf education | Selima Says:

    […] Letting Go Is Hard To Do « Our Journey 'Round the Mulberry Bush […]

  3. iriefamily Says:

    I have to say .. I love so much about Waldorf, but could care less about some of it … I’ve always sort of “taken what I liked and left the rest” … then, you’ve started to LET GO and started in a more Unschooling direction, and now I’ve been “obsessed” with Unschooling … so much of IT makes sense to me, too … but, it scares the bejeebers out of me at the same time … August/September is fast approaching … you’ve got me wondering if I plan out my Waldorf year and follow it ‘just a little bit’, while trying to relax more or if I toss it out the window and JUST GO WITH IT … It’s not that I don’t trust my kids .. It’s ME I worry about … will I be ‘present’ enough to really see their interests? Will I know what to DO with their interests? Will I be creative enough? Will we get lazy and just do nothing if I don’t have it all planned out? I tend to be a home-body and like my HOME rhythm .. but Unschooling looks best when it takes you OUT and ABOUT … will I DO enough??? Hmmm … so much to think about.

    Love the post, by the way!


    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Hi Melissa :),

      I can so relate to how you feel.
      I am not one that likes to give advice because I know every family’s situation is different. What I will say is first relax ;), I have seen your blog and give yourself some credit mama, you are creative enough(love the post about your girls giving tattoos). Second ask yourself what “you” want from homeschooling for your children in a journal, write about your fears, and your interests.Think about how you learn best. Write about what means the most to you, how do you view success, will you be upset if one of your children don’t go to collage? Write what collage means to you. Think about your school experience and be honest ,if you loved school then write those things down. Write how you feel about screens and media. What are your fears and why? Write about your experience with them growing up and again be honest. Now look at your children and write about their interests. At first those interests may seem like the computer, video games or television. For me though I have found their interest goes deeper than that. Why do they like that show? I can see why my daughter likes X-men. She is a creator herself and is drawn to the writers imagination.

      For us (and I am sure you and every dad and mom) it’s about our relationship with our children. Can our children really come to us and be open without fear of judgement ? This means being open and listening to what they have to say about us as a parent. We all make mistakes. For me it was realizing my children are not me and never will be. This will take time, be easy on yourself. For me it is realizing I am leaning right along beside my children and enjoying the ride.

      I think once you see what it is you really want from your children all the rest will fall into place, and there is nothing wrong with having a back up plan. Your plans may be completely opposite than mine and that is okay. It’s being at peace with your decision that matters most.

      Wishing you that peace for your journey,

      PS: We only have 1 car so getting out and about usually only happens on weekends.

  4. heather Says:

    so, so, so well put…..I love the Elvis analogy. Keep opening our eyes. Have a fun weekend. Heather

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