Finding The Purpose

Here lately Miss Sky’s most favorite word at the moment happens to be  “Why”, and I, of course, have fallen into the parental trap of  “Because I said so!”. Until recently I was really starting to get quite aggravated with her new-found attitude but then( after having an “aha” moment from my most recent findings of education) I began to think about what she was really asking. Why do I need to wash dishes, why do I need to clean my room, why do I need to do my math workbook page when I already know this? Then I began to think about what she was really hearing from me. “Because I said so” to her means I don’t know, just do it.

To be honest she has a good point as to why she “needs” to do half of the stuff she does. Why do I need to write a report about dinosaurs, you already know what I know about them. Why does she need to do math worksheets without knowing the reason behind them? How can I expect her to understand the reason behind anything if she has never learned any consequences? Why *does *she needs to know about money or fractions? I know the *why* but until she understands it for herself everything to her is pointless. So our next step in the journey of “life learning” is to help her see that purpose.

So what does this mean to us? It means papa and I need to be more supportive in her decision-making. We need to be more trusting that she can make wise choices on her own. It means we need to give her more *freedom*, there I said it.

This for me is the toughest hurdle, to “let go” of my control. I have tons of fears with choosing this new direction. What if they don’t learn, what if they fail, my “what if list “is a mile long. After talking as a family about all these new freedoms, this week  I decided to take that last leap.

I stopped trying to come up with ideas to “make” our days look more academic, I have stopped “making” Miss Sky do any math unless “she” sees a purpose. I even deleted everything off my wish lists (like my 20-page book list, I know crazy but so true) that one of the girls did not put there themselves (i.e. Romona or L. Frank Baum books). Okay, try not to hyper ventilate as I type this. Am I scared? TERRIFIED !!!

But guess what has happened so far?

pictures 1980

Little Sis wanted to read (books of her choice)

pictures 1979

The how to draw books have been in use.

pictures 1987

Board games have been asked to play. Such as Go Fish, Chutes and Ladders, Checkers, and Battleship. Oh and a request that we start a penny jar so we can play poker.

pictures 1976

Coloring books have been made.

pictures 1990

pictures 1991

A request for a purse and wallet to help keep track of allowance for purchases they want to make without the “No you don’t need that junk” speech from me. ( Projects from the book Sewing School.)

Becoming members of Animal Jam, in which Miss Sky has been furiously earning up gems to make new purchases for her animals and den (Including participation, all on her own, in the quiz area to earn double the amount and scribbling out math equations to learn how much more she needs to buy them).

pictures 1992

Last but not least independence in the kitchen. Miss Sky has been making her own food (and using the oven herself) as well as adding items she finishes to the grocery list.

Now to see if I don’t wake up screaming next week filled with regret as to what I have done will be the real challenge.

Until then wishing everyone a great week!


One Response to “Finding The Purpose”

  1. Sally Faulkner Says:

    Happy! Since we first met in the waldorf circles, so many things have changed, and we bothe ended up very far from our starting point. Waldorf flunkies? No, we both realized tat as great as it all IS, it ISN’T what is best for our families. So I say, SUCCESS!!!

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