That Makes Cents

After my last post, it may sound like Miss Sky is no longer doing “any” math, honestly, though that would be impossible.  We use math every day, just being adults I think we can take for granted that our children already know “why ”  math is so important.

Miss Sky has developed a math phobia and is not shy about letting everyone know just how she feels about it. I, on the other hand, don’t believe that she really hates math, her recent liking of the show Cyber Chase has proven that (she has watched all the episodes several times). I think what she really means is I don’t like “how” we do the math. I see now that my daughter is a VERY visual learner, everything we have done from the book Family Math she has retained(and enjoyed). That is what I mean by her needing to “see” a purpose.

This is also why I have stopped “making” her do the math because I know once she understands for herself that math is everywhere she will no longer hate it. I just need to change the presentation.

So this past week Papa and I introduced Miss Sky to the world of financing. Gone are the days of secrecy, our children now know how much money comes into our household as well as how much money goes out. We talked about budgeting and the importance of saving (Hmm I think there are a few others who could benefit from these lessons ;)).

I thought it would be a good idea if the girls started budgeting their finances, aka their allowance. Seeing where your money goes can be a real eye-opening experience.

pictures 1995

Miss Sky learned about sales tax and how to calculate it. This led into a conversation about what state sales taxes are and what they are used for. Actually, I can’t believe how much Miss Sky learned about our government system and how it works by just talking about money.

We have also lifted all bans off of food, pop tarts are no longer a dirty word. I am not worried about this in the least, our girls know where the majority of their food comes from and the importance of the choices we make to fuel our bodies. The only difference is now there is pop tarts and sometimes Twinkies next to their choice of raspberries and blueberries.

pictures 1993

Giving Miss Sky more freedom in the kitchen has also given her more responsibility. She is in charge of making sure items she wants and needs gets added to the grocery list. This has opened a whole new world to her. “Why are a box of Twinkies cheaper than blueberries? Aren’t blueberries in season? Doritos are buy one get one free, why can’t they have BOGO on strawberries?”

We watched a wonderful documentary made by 2 11-year-old girls called What’s On Your Plate? (you can watch it through Netflix). Even though I have watched Food Inc. I learned a lot from this video like why the school lunch program was started in the first place. This movie helped explain the reasons behind her questions in ways she could understand.

While at the store we paid more attention to where our food came from. Once home we brought out the map of the US to see which item traveled the furthest. We discovered our grapes from California came the furthest (why we are trying to grow them our self) and our blueberries traveled the shortest distance from Michigan. You could literally see the light bulb go off in Miss Sky’s head as to “why” we go to farmers markets and why the apples we pick ourselves taste SO much better than the stores.

You know what made me the happiest though? The fact that not one time did Miss Sky view any of this as a school lesson.

Wishing everyone a great week!


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