King Or Peasant

It is so much harder to write about our learning these days. No matter how much I write there is no way I could even begin to list everything we did (like the 2 hour talk I had with Miss Sky today, precious :)). So I am going to try to highlight what’s been happening around here these days.

After finishing book 2 of The Magic Tree House series, The Knight at Dawn, we watched the documentary Castle hosted by David Macaulay.

This brought the time period alive for Miss Sky and we all found it very interesting(okay besides Little Sis who happens to fall asleep during documentaries).

Come Monday I asked if they wanted me to read Mr. Poppers Penguins now and Miss Sky said “I would like to read Knights and Castles (the non fiction guide) first”. The documentary triggered a fascination with the middle ages,which triggered Papa showing Miss Sky how to play chess.

pictures 2003

Papa is a chess champ and is ALWAYS looking for fresh blood :). Little Sis picked up on how to play very quickly(I think he may have a challenger soon).

Something else my girls happen to be fascinated in, is  Schleich toys. These are what they spend the majority of their allowance on. Miss Sky wanted to see what medieval toys they have and we found a really cool game on their site(link above). Your castle had been captured by your enemy and the princess kidnapped .You had to recapture your castle and find the princess. We had a lot of fun playing this together(Little Sis even played it again later and marked it a favorite on her Kidzui).

Meanwhile Miss Sky made a wish list of Schleich figures she wants and wanted to figure out how long she would have to save her allowance to purchase certain ones. She is a few dollars short so we started talking about how she could take out a loan from the bank(us) if she didn’t want to wait. This triggered a conversation about how when we take out a loan from the bank we have to pay interest on the amount owed. We talked about it and decided if she wanted to get an advance on her allowance she would  pay 5% interest on the money borrowed.

Okay I understand this is not for everybody. First I want to explain that our children get a “fixed” allowance whether they do chores or not. Chores are a part of keeping our household running and everyone plays a part, this is just part of life. So we do not tie allowance to chores. It is more like everyone gets a “share” in the family budget and a chance to purchase something they really “want”,their money has no “strings” attached.

When we decided to unschool something that we(Papa and I) decided early on was if there is an item they wanted that could help further an interest we would purchase it for them(given we had the finances). This can be hard to distinguish between. I mean we could say okay if it is something “educational” but who is to say what is more educational to whom. So Papa and I drew the line with toys. Some could argue that these toys could help further my daughters interest in knights and that is true but Papa and I feel my daughter could further her interest in knights without the toys too. I guess this is just a very LONG way of saying this is what works best for us :).

Anyway speaking of earnings, Little Sis has been VERY busy playing Animal Jam.

pictures 2002

She wanted to earn enough gems to purchase a new den. The den she wanted was 6,000 gems. I can not believe the determination this child had to not only earn the gems but to SAVE the ones she earned until she could buy her den. She really worked hard and using a calculator was constantly subtracting to see how many more she needed. I just needed to explain the big number went on top and off she went. She can already count to 100 but she now recognizes numbers in the thousands. Yes she earned all her gems and has been enjoying her new den.

Lets see what else, well games were invented.

pictures 2001

Jack bowling anyone?

A certain Little wanting to bring their “passport” up to date.

pictures 2005

and there has been readings of favorite books.

pictures 1999

pictures 1997

( Miss Sky’s  book).

Wishing everyone a great week!


4 Responses to “King Or Peasant”

  1. Sally Faulkner Says:

    I am LOVING this!!!! (I think I say this every week, but it’s true!!!!)

  2. iriefamily Says:

    Yes. My oldest just said tonight as we were tucking her in, “Unschooling is THE BOMB, Mom!!!” … with TONS of enthusiasm! 🙂

    Looks like a great week!

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