Thoughts Along The Way

Being that the title of my blog is “Our Journey” I thought this might be a good place to start writing down bits of information I am discovering along the way.

It is so funny for me to go back and read past posts, I definitely can tell where I was at the time (and sometimes wonder what the heck I was thinking).

Anyway our family has gone through many “radical” changes in the last few months( I am taking the advice of Sandra Dodd and reading a little, watching a little, and waiting a little). I am sure some who have read my blog in the past, deciding to unschool might come as a bit of shock. Well actually it came as a bit of shock to me as well :). Matter a fact it wasn’t until just a few posts ago that I really decided that was what we were going to do. All I knew was our family needed a change. I struggled all last year with both my girls.

Little Sis did NOT fall into the typical “Waldorf” mode. Right now at this point in time she is 5 going on 6 (in a few months), school for her was not even suppose to be an option yet. She would have started Kindergarten this year if she was enrolled in traditional school. “Keep her asleep, let her dream, she is too young to start any academics, her mind is not able to comprehend anything yet” this is the message Waldorf education sends out. Well evidently she did NOT get that memo. It took exactly 4 letters in the alphabet and she was reading,not to mention she was already adding everyone’s dice together while playing games(did I mention she learned how to play chess the other day by just watching Papa and Miss Sky, she was even telling her sister where to move). I am so glad I followed my heart.

Miss Sky on the other hand did fit into the “Waldorf” mode. She did not want to have anything to do with letters or numbers so telling stories, playing and just being a kid worked for her. It wasn’t until last year when she really started to “rebel” against anything that had to do with school(If it had the word school attached you could bet there would be a fight). I began to see that I was turning her off of learning. It was not until I stopped fighting her that my eyes opened to just how much she was learning all on her own once I backed off the “planned” lessons.

So here I am two completely different children yet each one SO very smart in their own way. The funny thing about all of this though is realizing that none of it came from me “teaching “them, they both always have been learning at “their” own pace whether I was involved or not.

IĀ  always was a fan of unschooling but been scared (and still am)Ā  of all the “what ifs” , I just keep reminding myself “read a little, watch a little” and each day “let go” of a little more.

The most ironic thing about all this is even though all limits have been lifted off screens we are spending WAY more time together then ever.

The reason I was spending SO much time on the computer before was because of all the “school” planning I needed to do. Then after spending all day implementing my “school” plans I needed some “me time” where you would usually find me right back on the computer (Man if I felt the need to do this after our school day I can only imagine how the girls felt).

I now not only find myself much more available and open to communicating with my girls but much more connected to who my children really are and who they are becoming.

Love and light for the journey !


7 Responses to “Thoughts Along The Way”

  1. iriefamily Says:


    Love it, as always.

    What does Sandra mean “read a little, watch a little and let go” … read to yourself (about unschooling) or read aloud to them or read with them about topics they want to know about? Watch THEM or watch videos about stuff? Just trying to fully understand


    Many blessings, as always!

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Hi Melissa :),
      Thanks for asking. Yes she means the parent read a little at a time about unschooling, this way we don’t feel so overwhelmed all at once. So read a little, wait a while and watch means instead of trying to learn and do everything at once, which would be impossible, or read everything and do nothing. We(the parent) read about unschooling a bit then wait and just enjoy life with your family all the while watch your children. See what interests them, what makes their faces light up and spend time “doing” what interests them.

      This is where I am right now and I am writing about my discoveries so far. There have been lots of AHA moments for me. So far the biggest one for me has been realizing how hard I was pushing Miss Sky to learn something that “I” thought was SO important yet forgetting what it was like for me as a student. I am doing exactly what I HATED about school and my daughter is reacting just like I did. This is the learning to “let go” part.

      Relationship always comes first then figure out how to fit everything else around that.

      Hope that makes more sense,

  2. Ingrid McCarthy Says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog – just started reading yours and it seems we are on similar paths in our journey! I will have to spend quite a few hours of “screen time” reading past posts and catching up on your journey šŸ™‚

  3. Ingrid McCarthy Says:

    And I just wanted to add (with the disclaimer that I haven’t read the rest of your blog yet!) that I did research Waldolf/Steiner and while I liked some of the concepts, I found it inflexible – especially in regard to what the kids were ready for. There was NO way you could have stopped my daughter from learning to read (by herself) before school age! My kids are very much “head” learners – and that is where they are happiest. I wouldn’t force them to do lots of other activities that they don’t enjoy!

    Enjoying your blog and the ideas and the journey!!!

  4. iriefamily Says:

    @Ingrid … I’d like to know how to find your blog as I, too, am on a similar journey … Love to read about other families and their journeys. We’ve been homeschooling for a couple of years, bouncing between Steiner/Waldorf and Charlotte Mason and Unschooling and beginning to find our OWN groove.

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