I Passed The First Test

One of the first things I learned about unschooling was that it is NOT an excuse for the parent to do whatever they want. In fact some could believe that unschooling means we, as in parents, might even have more time to ourselves than before. Actually I am finding this to be the complete opposite.

See ,before when we were home”schooling” we had a “school rhythm”. We had transitions into subjects and we had an end to our “school” day. Now we still have a “rhythm”  to our days, we just don’t have an ending to our learning. So this means I never know when I might be needed to help aid in a project or to answer a question or two. Unschooling is not about “my” convenience.

I recently took notice that all the glitter jars have come up missing and found out the reason why is because they make great test tubes :). I took this as a sign to make sure test tubes were added to the supply list.

Well while in the middle of organizing our new “playroom”, I was asked if we could do some color experiments. My first response was to say “no, I’m busy” but then I caught myself realizing my daughter was curious about something and since she is still the age of needing assistance with gathering information, it was up to me to help her find the answers (Woo Hoo, I got it!).

This is not the only lesson Mama learned though. I also tend to be what you could call a penny pincher (this comes from lots of childhood baggage of not having the best examples of financing and money in general). Papa on the other hand has always been the “money is just another tool ” type. Neither of us  “blow” money I just have a harder time letting go then he does :). So when they asked to use the food coloring the word waste came to mind ( I know even as I write this it seems crazy but at least I am being honest and I’m working on it).

pictures 2020

pictures 2022

What a missed opportunity this could have been for “all” of us.

I know I still have a long way to go when it comes to deschooling  but  today I am celebrating this first step on the road to recovery.

Wishing everyone a great week!




3 Responses to “I Passed The First Test”

  1. iriefamily Says:

    So true. Unschooling does NOT mean “do nothing”. That’s the hardest part (well, one of many hard parts) … being AVAILABLE. I’m not always in the mood to be “available” … Like you said, before I could get through the “school hours” because I knew I’d get a good break (and computer time) soon. Now, I’m still working on a good rhythm/schedule to make us ALL happy. What’s your rhythm look like these days, since you were once a Waldorfer, too. 🙂

  2. Ingrid McCarthy Says:

    You know, I read this post a couple of days ago, but obviously didn’t comment (too rushed??). But it has stayed with me – I’ve been pondering it.

    It is hard sometimes to say “yes”. I think as parents we have been trained to say “no” so often! But I’m discovering how exciting things can be when we say “yes”!!

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