Slow Ride, Take It Easy

One of the reasons I decided to start “schooling” year round was so we could take off whenever we needed to. Of course, since then I discovered when unschooling there IS never a day off, just some days are busier than others. Well, this has been one of those not too busy weeks.

I decided to reorganize our playroom yet once again. I can not express enough all of the “radical” changes that have been taking place around here(and I am not just talking about lifting bans).

If there is one thing I can spare anyone who finds my blog through old Waldorf links or is just newly discovering Waldorf  it is Please, Please really think about the things you will be purging to make space for all the “new” stuff(Oh and you really don’t need  a “Waldorf” doll and play stands but that is a whole other can of worms :)). Anyway, I learned this the hard way.  I got rid of all our plastic storage bins and replaced them with baskets. Well, I realize now just how valuable having see-through containers can be, not to mention how much easier they stack on one another ( most are made in the USA from recycled plastic and some can even be recycled again error).

As far as learning goes though at first glance it seemed like there wasn’t much of it going on.

pictures 2029

There has been lots of this. Which of course led me to print a bunch of blank comic strip pages, binding them like our MLBs, to be ready for when inspiration strikes.

The girls also found several new favorite games (board and not).

pictures 2019

The girls have fallen in love with Bingo ( I am trying to find a “fun” place to take the girls). We even set up prizes to win like candy bars or extra allowance(Papa and Mama receive “get out of chore coupons” :)). Blackout so far is their favorite.

Miss Sky also found 2 more video games Thrillville and Samurai Warriors. Keeping with the Interactive History books I mentioned previously, Miss Sky really has taken a great interest in the different types of soldiers and their weapons of choice. She is amazed at their differences as well as their similarities. The series is a big hit with Little Sis as well. She gets SO tickled when one of her choices ends in death. I am just happy they are happy. After all, that was my whole point.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


2 Responses to “Slow Ride, Take It Easy”

  1. Ingrid McCarthy Says:

    Just think of all the wonderful “school” things they have been learning: deconstructing visual texts, learning about probability, analysing history!

    More important – they are happy 🙂

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      You know Ingrid, I knew Bingo was a good way for Little Sis to practice her numbers and for the girls to practice reading grids but never did I think of a probability lesson :).

      Thanks !

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