Time Is On My Side

Oh yes it is :).

I have finally come to that place in our new journey where confidence has overcome fear (oh yeah ). I always try to be as honest as I can about our educational journey here and if I were to say I wasn’t a least bit nervous about jumping into unschooling I would be lying. Actually there have been times when I didn’t think I could do it. At first it seemed Miss Sky would shoot down every idea I mentioned. She didn’t seem interested in reading anymore and television and video games filled her days. Yes self-doubt began to rear its ugly head.

I had to keep repeating the decision I made ,at the beginning, that we are working on our relationship over and over. If any learning happened during this time it would be a bonus.

Then one day all of a sudden it came full circle. It seemed like any other normal day yet it was like I was looking through a new pair of glasses or something. I began seeing learning in everything(television and video games included).

It’s a lot harder to capture everything the girls are learning about these days and sometimes it feels artificial to try to capture the moment with a photo but I will try my best to continue recording our learning adventures.

I mentioned before how Miss Sky hasn’t seemed too interested lately in reading when all of a sudden she began to pull books off the self to do a little reading before bed. This is HUGE for me because I was SO nervous she would never want to read books on her own without any persuading again.

Well it started with The New Way Things Work by David Macaulay. This led to other science books ,I happened to pick up at Goodwill, being dragged to her room. Then one day while helping Little Sis with Animal Jam, Miss Sky comes up and asks if I could drill a hole in a cork for her(Well okay). She was making a sand clock using parts from our recycling.

pictures 2032

(Yes those are wine cooler bottles :o).

What amazed me most though was that she did this completely on her own without me even knowing (and coming up with using a cork was all her idea).

Then the girls received some craft kits in the mail from family members.

pictures 2034

One being a journal that needed to be made right away.

pictures 2035

The girls spent most of the day not only filling in their brand new journals but Miss Sky started writing her story of Animal Girl(who has since been given the name of Libra). Again completely all on her own.

Of course this is just a small dent into what has been going on around here. We had lots of the same game playing and Avenger episode watching but I had to post this just in case there was anyone, like myself, that thought their child would never “want” to read a book, let alone a “Science” book, or write again after starting on their journey into unschooling. If Miss Sky did, your child will too.

Wishing everyone a great Labor Day weekend!


2 Responses to “Time Is On My Side”

  1. Ingrid McCarthy Says:

    Totally brilliant post! Honest, and uplifting. Seems we are on similar paths on our journey. Loving hearing (and seeing) your adventures!

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