Weird Science

If you have been following along for a while you have probably heard me mention Miss Sky’s love for animals. This has not changed but something that I have noticed since we started unschooling is Miss Sky’s growing fascination with science. You may have noticed that too from a few posts ago. I mean I never would have thought science books made good bedtime reading but hey I’m not knocking it.

Actually when I really think back Miss Sky’s love of science has always been there. For her 6th birthday she wanted a projector about space and when she was 8 she wanted a microscope( I mean like really asking for them for her birthday).

This is when I feel like such a heal for never letting her follow her own interests, but those days are gone. I can see now how ALL her interests point in the direction of science. If you have ever watched an episode or read any of the X-men or Avenger comic books you can see how much science plays a part in the storyline. I can see why she is so drawn to these shows.

So today when she came to me “asking” for sea monkeys I knew a trip to our local Arts and Education store was in order.

pictures 2031

This was so much fun and was just what I needed to reassure myself (yet again)that I am indeed heading in the right direction. For the first time I followed my children and watched what it was that my girls were really drawn to, and  for once we didn’t even make it to the workbook area.

No surprise that Miss Sky spent most of her time in the science aisle and Little Sis spent the majority of her time in the math and art sections finding a few things for herself.

pictures 2032

After talking with Miss Sky yesterday I realize now that is isn’t that my daughter no longer likes to be read to, it’s just she has found new interests that don’t revolve around my read aloud selections. This isn’t a bad thing, it means she is discovering more of who she is. I know as long as I back off reading aloud she will find the resources that make reading fun for her again.

pictures 2030

Like a subscription to Ranger Rick :).

After all there were a few people who didn’t quite understand my new-found love of Stephen King at first. (Have I mentioned I am a sci-fi nerd?)

Everyday my children’s uniqueness becomes more clear. I am beginning to see more and more of their strengths and no longer focusing on weaknesses because I know now that once they find the confidence within themselves all the rest will fall into place.

Wishing everyone a great weekend !


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