Back In The Groove

I think we have settled back in after our vacation. The yard work and piles of laundry are finally all caught up (man how clothes pile up while on vacation). One thing I am very thankful for this year is even though our surroundings might have changed our learning never skipped a beat.( I love unschooling :)). So what have the girls been up to this week?

Well for starters Miss Sky asked if I thought she was to old to get a baby doll. This honestly through me in for a loop. One because she has NEVER been interested in dolls before (seriously never) and two because for the last few months she really hasn’t been interested in toys period. Lately its been all about computer and video games. So I was a bit curious as to why now all of a sudden she wanted a doll but not because I thought she was to old. I told her if she wanted one we could plan a trip to Goodwill and she was all for it.

pictures 2059

Then while laying in bed that night I remembered when I was about her age my mom bought me a baby doll, one of those that look like a real baby, that I carried around for months. I think maybe it is kind of like a right of passage for a girl around 10 or 11 when their maternal instincts start to take shape. Her individuality is definitely beginning to show.

Miss Sky has also been on a X-men (cartoon) marathon this week. She has become fascinated with Jean Gray and when she becomes the Phoenix. She asked if I wouldn’t mind taking her to Half-Priced books to see if they had any X-men comic books during the Phoenix saga. Okay like she really needed to ask if I wanted to go to a bookstore, Um YES.

pictures 2065

I have been having so much fun searching for comic books with Miss Sky. We have met so many people who not only know the best places to find comic books but today we met someone who has all the X-men action figures and wanted to know if Miss Sky would like to have them. They loved seeing her excitement of knowing who all the characters were and thought it was so cool that Papa and I were helping her follow her interest.

Miss Sky isn’t the only one following her interests. Little Sis couldn’t wait to get home to listen to ,I mean watch, her music.

pictures 2062

Both girls have enjoyed playing at Club Penguin and Animal Jam, which they like both for different reasons.

pictures 2063

(Little Sis playing the typing game)

As for me I made Little Sis a purse exactly like she requested

pictures 2060

and the girls surprised me with a gift for once(they are not the only fans in the house you know).

pictures 2066

Though I am beginning to get a bit suspicious as to their motives :).

All and all I have to say it has been a great week.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!



One Response to “Back In The Groove”

  1. Sally Faulkner Says:

    HA! Love it!! Glad the Laundry Monster has been defeated and you are back to the serious business of Beatlemania 🙂 have a great week, friend!

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