Week In Review

The weather has been beautiful here in Indy. When we first came home from vacation it was cold and rainy, we even had our first flash fire already when temps dropped down into the 30’s. Thank goodness it was only temporary. This week we have been doing our best to take advantage of the warm fall temps while we still can.

After breakfast we’ve added daily walks to the “to do list” as well as lots of outdoor play.

pictures 2069

And of course I’m going to add that this is coming from children who are allowed to watch all the television or play on the computer whenever they want to :).

Then, with the request from Miss Sky, we have eagerly gathered on the couch to listen while I read The Girl With The Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Roberts. What a wonderful story this has turned out to be. So many coming of age topics discussed here. It is going to be very hard finding another story to read aloud after this one.

While at the Goodwill 50% off sale (that they now have every first Saturday of the month woohoo) the girls found some electronic finds that they’ve taken an interest to.

pictures 2067

Miss Sky learned all about auctioning and biding (and patience) as well as how much she was willing to pay for an item and if an item was really worth it at Ebay.”Why can’t we just buy it now, you mean someone can outbid me, man I have to pay shipping too?” Not to mention the prices of different currency.

pictures 2070

Little Sis and I read her “little”story from My Big Backyard magazine about pumpkins, with a reminder that a visit to the apple orchard needs to be scheduled “very soon”.

pictures 2073

Oh and lets not forget all the X-men play that’s been going on around here( my girls never seem to like the “in” things. You know how hard it is to find the female characters?).

pictures 2074

Miss Sky has also finished her stack of comic books. She has been my little informant telling me all about what they left out of the cartoon.

Life is good friends :).

Oh and I forgot to mention “we” have been playing Thrillville 🙂 ( I think I need to start writing this stuff down ) and Miss Sky has been making her own roller coasters.

I would recommend this video game to anyone. You are left in charge of setting up your own amusement park. You have to ask the customers what they like and don’t like to keep them happy so that your money flow keeps coming in. SO much one can learn from this game.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


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