It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Autumn

Yes it is. The leaves are finally turning colors and falling off the trees. It just hasn’t really felt like it until today. I mean just yesterday we were still in shorts.

Well today is my last day listing this post under 10 year-old. Tomorrow is Miss Sky’s birthday. How fast 11 years have gone by.

This week I tried to keep better track of everything we did. It is getting harder for me to separate school from living, which to me is a good thing :).

For starters Miss Sky spent time at playing games other people created and is working on creating her own game. Working as a team we finally beat Oogie Boogie in the game Kingdom Hearts(yes). Man I would love to meet some of the people who created levels on certain video games and ask Why SO hard. Then I’ll read some reviews at Amazon and they are all like man this game is SO easy. Guess I need to work more on my gaming skills.

Another X-men cartoon series,Wolverine and the X-men, bit the dust. Now we don’t know what we are going to watch while waiting for season 2 of Iron Man and The Avengers to come out.

We are still reading The Girl With The Silver Eyes aloud and Little Sis flew through the book Go Dog Go. It amazes me how only a few months ago she first started reading.

Continuing with our science theme this week. Miss Sky asked to make another trip to our United Art and Education store to purchase instant snow (yes really) and I said why not.

pictures 2098

This turned out to be a great rainy day activity that kept the girls busy for hours.

Little Sis planted a bean while at science day and she has been looking after it all week.

pictures 2103

I loved the jack-o-lantern candle holders I saw at the awesome blog Ordinary Life Magic and thought how cool they would look in our window so we decided to make some too.

pictures 2092

We decoupaged orange tissue paper on jars I picked up at Goodwill’s 50% off sale and used black construction paper for the faces.

pictures 2093

Then we finished up the week at our local homeschooling skate day and look who is skating all on her own now.

pictures 2102

Did I mention how fast time flies? Before you know it I’ll be posting pictures of Miss Sky passing her drivers test. Hopefully she will do better than what I did though :).

I knew I would forget something. Yesterday Little Sis told me she wanted to surprise Miss Sky by earning up enough gems in Animal Jam to buy the game sky high for Miss Sky’s den. Little Sis earned the 500 gems to get the game and sent it as a gift to Miss Sky.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


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