So I found a draft of something I thought was deleted when we had a power surge. The moment was already past when I found it so I didn’t bother to post it but today while faced with the days headlines I am again reminded of why I wrote this in the first place.

Staring at me again was the news of yet another teenage suicide. I can not begin to express the emotions that run through me every time I see this. My heart literally aches for these children who feel like they need to end their life. Something that all these children seem to have in common is the fact they hate school. How sad that children and parents don’t think they have other options and WHY the hell do people think that being bullied is just part of life?

I live in the “real world” and I would NEVER allow myself to be bullied by anyone let alone tell my girls that it is just part of life that you will have to deal with.

Then I ask WHY do parents feel that unless we control or tell our children what to do they will grow up to be wild and unruly like in Lord of the Flies, that book was fiction for crying out loud. I don’t HAVE to tell my daughters to take a bath they don’t like to stink or to tell them to go to bed eventually they fall asleep.

Anyway here is my lost post. My hope is that parents who read it might start realizing we(parents) don’t have to be the bad guys to our kids. That teenage rebellion against parents doesn’t have to be normal (I do have a 21 year old daughter ).  I wish parents would realize that our children are not us. Just because I might like a certain style or music or books or movies does not mean my children will or “have to”.

Most of all I wish parents today will let every one of your children know just how much you love them!

And RIP Dan Wheldon, your sweet smile will be missed here in Indy.

“The Post”

Deb Lewis wrote:

“Once you’re really listening to your kids and not your sense of injustice, you’ll find that answering them and interacting with them is intellectually rewarding and stimulating and fun. It’s not something you *have* to do. It’s something you *get* to do for a very little while.”

As I have been pondering over the weekend whether or not I should share my opinion of our last homeschool co-op outing, this was waiting in my e-mail this morning from Sandra Dodd’s blog Just Add Light and Stir (link found under blogroll on the right). You can also find the rest of the quote there too.

Deb Lewis couldn’t have said what was going through my mind last Thursday any better :).

For me, when I think of homeschooling co-ops I think of parents and children interacting with one another or “socializing” while out enjoying an activity together.

I understand the need as a homeschooling mother, unschooling or not, to be surrounded by other homeschooling mothers. In my family my support of homeschooling varies. Some family members support “my” decision and there are some waiting for the day I fail. So it is nice to be around others who likewise support your decisions.

Something that I don’t think of when attending a homeschooling co-op outing is the parents planting themselves down on a blanket and ignoring the h**l out of their children. I was the *only* parent out on the playground with my children.

Yes I like to talk, lord knows as well as anyone else that knows me can tell you I *love* to talk 🙂 but you can talk and push your children on the swing at the same time.

While I was there Miss Sky had to find the parent of a child who fell off the monkey bars and landed on his *head* and was crying hysterically. I along with Miss Sky helped the children use the zip line and out of 8 swings I was pushing children on 6 of them who did not know how to swing themselves (all at the same time). The other 2 were occupied by my children. This is when 1 child replied to me “Gee you sure are fun” and another child asked if she could come home with us.

Okay if I was the parent of that child I would be extremely embarrassed. Not to mention if I saw a “stranger”(this was our first time with this co-op) pushing my child on the swings I would have at least gone and  introduced myself.

The worst part though ,for me, was all the laughter coming from the children having fun and as I was laughing and having fun with them I would occasionally glance over at the group of parents ,who so planted their butts down on the ground with the majority having their backs turned, not ONCE did they look to see their children’s happiness. How sad is that ? (Ugg)

When did parents become so disconnected from their children? I use to believe that video games and television was the cause of so much sex and violence among teenagers but I am starting to think that is not the case at all.

These are my thoughts anyway and like I mentioned previously our search for a homeschool co-op continues. I have even had thoughts of  starting one of my own. I guess only time will tell.



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