Week In The Life Of Unschoolers

This week we were more distracted then normal and not just because of the headlines. We were anxiously awaiting a visit from our oldest daughter. We did manage to find ways to kill time though.

The girls found a make-up/style game that was all the rage this week.

pictures 2108

Also Miss Sky’s been playing the game Baby Blimp at kidzui. You create babies and care for them before you deliver them to their homes.

We of course had a movie day filled with the classics and with Halloween being just around the corner we started watching The Addams Family to temporary replace our marvel series. The first episode was about the superintendent informing the Addams they needed to send their kids to school. I found this episode funny considering how we are homeschoolers that the Addams Family could possibly have been the first homeschoolers ever televised. I loved what Gomez Addams tells the superintendent “Why have children just to send them away”. 🙂

Anyway what goes best with movies?

pictures 2109

Cookies of course.

While doing a bit of searching the other day on the phoenix, Miss Sky also took an interest in learning about other mythical creatures and found a series of books that caught her attention and requested a trip to Barnes and Noble (You don’t have to ask me twice).

pictures 2111

The book is Monsterology.

Finally the day had arrived and you know the girls wasted no time sharing with their big sister everything they had been up to :).

pictures 2110

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


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