“Plugged In”

I was going to post this under Little Comments but I wanted to add more of my opinions to the post :).

Man there sure is a lot of stuff going around in the homeschooling arena that being “plugged in” is a big terrible thing. The efforts being made are so strong that those who do “allow” television or computer play for their children either come off as bad parents or the parents themselves are left with feelings of tremendous guilt. (Me, well I was one of those who caved under the pressure.)

Anyway while watching the episode of The Simpsons, together as a family, where Bart and Homer want to go to a monster truck show the same night as Lisa has a recital then figuring with Lisa’s recital starting at 5 and the monster truck show starting at 8 they could do both, Miss Sky blurts out “That means the concert can’t last more than 3 hours.”

Now I know this isn’t exactly the best example for me to showcase Miss Sky’s brilliance and honestly it is something that probably would have been overlooked if it wasn’t for me ” Reading a little, trying a little, waiting awhile and watching” but what I saw was Miss Sky using her brain while being “plugged in”. Not just using her brain but calculating a math problem while watching The Simpsons of all shows.

This makes me wonder how much of this “stuff” is truly researched and how much of it is opinion, or how many are just using this “stuff” as another form of control over their children.

Wishing everyone a great week!


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