A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ A Week of “Just Right”

We have been deschooling since June and considering how one must deschool 1 month for every year of “school” (including homeschool) and not include summer months (being those are usually breaks anyway) that really isn’t a very long time. Yet here we are in November and I can honestly say we are deschooled, Yay!

Reading back over my posts it amazes me the journey “we” took to get here and all the discoveries that were made along the way. We “get it” now. Today Miss Sky announced “school sure is fun” and that’s when it hit me, she’s come to that place where school is no longer a dirty word for her. She no longer views what we do as “school” but just living and learning together.

I want to take this even further though by saying when we first started unschooling and all bans had been lifted on media it felt like a free for all frenzy of computer, video games, and television. It seemed we were reinventing ourselves, fleeing as far from “Waldorf” as possible. You could even say “we” were rebelling. I think though that we have finally found our “just right”. This week’s been evidence to that.

Yes television, computer and video games played their part in our week but so did reading, experiments, games and days where the television never came on. (Not that any of this means anything to me anymore, I would feel exactly the same way if the girls were engrossed in a video game all week. I am just mentioning for the sake of mentioning :).)

This week’s been filled with bike rides and more viewings of  the movie Tangled.

pictures 2183

pictures 2185

(Miss Sky tied all the silks together for hair)

It was filled playing at Starfall.com and playing Scooby- Doo on the playstation to board games of Clue,  Fairytale Bump a spelling game,

pictures 2188

(Place 40 words relating to fairytales in a bag to be spelled. The girls are helping me make a superhero one and the states Bump game.)

and Bingo.

pictures 2187

We snuggled on the couch for a viewing of Disney’s Snow White (a first time for Little Sis) after reading Grimm’s version first, in which Little Sis replied that she actually preferred Grimm’s version better. We learned that the voice of Snow White,Adriana Caselotti, was the same voice as Juliet during the Tin-Man’s song, “If I Only Had a Heart” in The Wizard of Oz.

We also joined on the couch for more reading of The Sea Fairies by L. Frank Baum and Little Sis reading Junie B. Jones and The Stupid Smelly Bus.

pictures 2156

Rudolph played a big role this week ,as the girls are getting very excited about Christmas, by watching the movie to growing a Rudolf

pictures 2157

to coloring

pictures 2159

to more Instant Snow play.

pictures 2164

There was origami

pictures 2163

and water tension experiments.

pictures 2189

Oh and as of right now the television remains off as the girls continue creating in front of a warm toasty fire while the first snow flurries ,of the season, make their way to the ground.

pictures 2194

Then tomorrow there’s homeschool skating and who knows what other adventures await us.

Life is good friends, wishing everyone a great week!


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