Little Comments

While reading The Sea Fairies by L. Frank Baum we came to a part where the character Trot says” What do the seals eat.” The explanation given was “seagulls and their eggs are favorites”.

Miss Sky: “I thought seals eat fish.”

Me: “Me too.”

Miss Sky walks to the computer to look it up. I put the book down making sure not to lose my spot.

We found a video of “sea lions” catching and eating seagulls on Youtube.

Me: “I guess they do eat seagulls.”

Miss Sky: “Mom that says sea-lion not seal.”

Me :”But they are the same.”

Miss Sky: “Same family yes, same animal no. Sea lions have little ears sticking out.”

Me searching for pictures of sea lions and asking myself where does she get this stuff from.


6 Responses to “Little Comments”

  1. Jamie Says:

    thanks for stopping by,I am taking your advice on the books we dunped the BIG long chapter book about Lewis and Clark and just read all the picture/chapter books I picked up in Greenfield at the library and it worked,So much for the price that I paid for Sonlight,leason learned!!!!!!

    Where do you guys live,are you far from Fountaintown.I am going to hop over and read farther into your blog.

  2. Jamie Says:

    I didn’t get the email.I just asked hubby and he said he may have deleted it could you resend it again.THANKS

  3. Jamie Says:

    here is my email
    sorry I am not getting them

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