A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Strewing

According to the dictionary strewing means “Scatter or spread (things) untidily over a surface or area”. This is a word Sandra Dodd uses in unschooling to mean” leaving material of interest around for our children to discover.” I have posted previously about this before.

While out and about I am always on the look out to find things that might catch my children’s attention. Actually this has become a fun game for me. However there is a catch to strewing, you never know if or when an object you pick up will become a point of interest for your child (this is what makes it fun for me but could be disappointing to someone else). Also there is no hidden motive to strewing (no pressure to ever use it),there may be times when an object  never strikes an interest but I sure love when it does :).

While at Goodwill and Half Price Books I found a few books that reminded me of the Ology books Miss Sky’s been interested in lately. One was Fairies A Magical Guide to the Enchanted Realm, and seeing the interest The Little Mermaid caused, I picked up The Mermaid’s Treasure and The Secret History of Mermaids.

Each girl has their own “strewing basket”, since we have no room for a coffee table,

pictures 2141

(You can see them behind the girls in this photo.)

this is where I place objects for the girls to discover. Well at first the books lay still awhile but this week the interest piqued.

pictures 2195

Miss Sky has taken interest in The Snow queen, which we plan on reading Andersen’s story after we finish The Sea Fairies, and the frost giants of Niflheim, which she remembers from Norse Mythology.

For those who have been reading my blog awhile you know how stories trigger many drawings or projects from the girls. Well while drawing Miss Sky also loves to make up stories to go along with her creations. This time was no different, meet Miss Sky’s Sun child.

pictures 2198

pictures 2197

Here is Little Sis’s mermaid named Merika.

pictures 2221

Other adventures this week? Well the girls have been watching Disney’s Little Mermaid in Spanish with subtitles because they wanted to. You will not believe all the words they are learning from doing this.

There have been more games of Clue, it happens to be the game of choice right now, Animal Rummy, and The Tea Party game.

We observed a grasshopper, at least I think that’s what it is,

pictures 2218

and wondered if it was the same one we might have let go over the summer.

pictures 2035

Still reading The Sea Fairies which inspired internet searches on seals, sea lions, and sea spiders (Oh my).

The video game Spyro was this weeks video game of choice. (Miss Sky seems to play 1 game non stop for a week then rotate to another game for a while).

The girls and I found a new series to watch while waiting for new seasons of our favorite marvel ones to come out (yay!) The girls love The Monster High plush dolls, they just think they are cute, so when I found the cartoon series Ruby Gloom I knew it would be right up their ally. “See the bright side of the dark side” (Yes another theme song stuck in my head). (Have I mentioned Miss Sky’s favorite movies are Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride).

Well Miss Sky had to make her a Mr. Buns to go along with her Monster dolls.

pictures 2222

pictures 2224

She is making her sister one now as I type.

Then there has been lots of secret diary writing stuff going on too.

pictures 2219

pictures 2220

We have been following along with Ingi, at Defying Gravity and her families marvelous cruise adventures to New Zealand. You must take a peek.

Last but not least the girls have playing at Fantage, where they enjoy being human for once.

Yep just another boring week of school.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


2 Responses to “A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Strewing”

  1. Ingi Says:

    Oh! We got a mention!! Thank you so much 🙂

    We just got a book on Zombie Felties – I have never made a feltie, but they look like fun, so that is project we are looking forward towards (when I get organised!).

    I love your strewing – to really go unschool, I need to get more organised and devote more time to strewing and its aftereffects!

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