A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers

I know it hasn’t exactly been a week yet but with the rest of the week being filled with baking, feasting, celebrating, decorating,and sharing I decided today would be best to post our adventures.

Lets see we’ve been watching webisodes of Monster High,episodes of Pocoyo, I love that little blue guy I tell ya, and Ruby Gloom. This show has inspired more hand sewing goodness with doll creations

pictures 2228

and more feltie friends.

pictures 2231

There has been playing of the games Toss Up, Old Maid, and Animal Rummy and us finally beating Ursula in the video game Kingdom Hearts (WOOHOO!). Miss Sky defeated Ursula in her lair and I defeated her when she became total ocean conquering big (Thank you game guide!). It was teamwork at it’s best.

Oh, there was water play, I mean water examining 😉

pictures 2232

and new Ranger Rick and My Big Backyard issues.

pictures 2235

(And more secret diary stuff going on with extra giggles, hmm)

We visited our local home DIY store Menards to view their usually really nice Christmas area.

The girls have been very excited about Christmas this year and not just the gift getting. This year we are celebrating Christmas with all it commercial splendor. Of course it’s became a marketing holiday and why not stores depend on that money to stay in business. Commercialism only can effect you if you allow it to. Our family knows “the truth” behind the holiday.

Last but not least the girls and I spent yesterday at a playdate catching up with good friends.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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