A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/”Ice, Ice Baby”

Boy did the temperatures drop here in Indy fast, we even had snow (like more than flurries).  That didn’t stop our learning adventures though.

Let’s see, our adventure begins with a visit to Hobby Lobby, man I love that place, and if the store alone wasn’t enough to hold my attraction, they were having a huge sale with 30-50% off most merchandise (Including science kits woohoo!). So I was able to pick up Christmas presents as well as craft supplies(go Momma, go Momma).

Anyway where was I, oh yes learning (ahem). The girls picked up a few projects of their own too.

Miss Sky is really into the whole monster thing right now so when she spotted Fuzzoodles she knew she had to have some.

pictures 2250

This turned out to be another hit as you can reuse and recreate all kinds of different monsters.

Which gave me some time to take advantage of cyber Monday and not just for Christmas. This year with me not needing to buy any “school” books I saved part of our homeschooling budget to spend more throughout the year( Another tally for unschooling).

Little Sis picked herself up a piggy bank to keep all her accumulating change.

pictures 2249

Which got me thinking what a neat way this would be to give money as a gift instead of a card. Or a Christmas Jar.

We watched Disney’s version of A Christmas Carol as a family and agreed even though Jim Carrey was fabulous and the animation was great we still like George C. Scott’s version best. Well this led to us watching a documentary about Charles Dickens (Did you know he had 10 children?), to Miss Sky pulling out The Living Long Ago book by Usborne, one of her favorite books, to research the Victorian era.

Miss Sky found Weather Wiz Kids while searching on Kidzui and asked “Mom do we have a mayonnaise jar, I want to do an experiment.” So she made it rain (in a jar).

pictures 2258

Then there was peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (and snacking)

pictures 2266

and MindWare catalog browsings.

pictures 2262

Miss Sky completed her very first video game Ice Age,Dawn of the Dinosaur all by herself and this led us to the library to find the movies, to searches on Saber tooth tigers, to reading the Magic Tree House Research guide, to “Mom do you think the world is going through another change?” (Have I mentioned I love unschooling?)

We played more of The Tea Party game and today was day 1 of reading The Jessie Tree.

pictures 2269

Life is good friends wishing everyone a great weekend!


One Response to “A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/”Ice, Ice Baby””

  1. Jamie Says:

    Is it not raining enough,seriously.We need it to stop raining so we can actually feel like it is CHRISTMAS around here.
    I haven’t been to hobby lobby in a long time,I need to make a trip soon like real soon,thanks for reminding me.We need to meet up sometime.

    I enjoy reading about the little things your family does with schooling it shows me that there is more than just books.I am trying to relax.

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