Discoveries Of A Radical Unschooler/ Conversations

Sometimes weeks go by and it may seem like not much is going on around here, and sometimes this is true. Sometimes I don’t exactly post everything that takes place. Sometimes there is SO much more happening behind the scenes that the girls have asked me not to write about, and I respect their right to privacy.

To me it’s during these precious moments that I feel most connected to my girls and can really see the benefits of Radical Unschooling at work.  I feel I should somehow mention how important these conversations play a part in our week without  violating my girls trust in me.

I can not stress enough how glad I am to have lifted all limits off of media but most of all especially the television. I know I have posted before about the great television debate going on in the world of homeschoolers but this time I thought I would write more about what *I* have discovered since lifting the bans.

Sometimes I think when we mention the words children and unlimited  exposure to media in a sentence the first image that pops up  is one of children sitting in front of the TV with their eyes glued like as if in a trance. I know I use to think that anyway.

I guess it’s because that *is* how many children look like when getting home from school after being in a classroom for 6 to 8 hours a day. Add this with parents using television as a way to occupy children so they themselves can get things done around the house it is no wonder it’s received such a bum rap.

I however want to project a different image, imagine television actually bringing your family closer together. It did ours.

As part of my pledge to work on our families relationship this year Papa and I decided to introduce a few of our favorite sitcoms to the girls. No longer feeling the need to shelter them from the world we wanted to introduce them to it in a safe place. A place where no question or topic was off-limits. Sound scary? It was(at first). I had no idea where this would lead us.

So for starters we began watching Rosanne in the evenings together as a family, starting with episode 1(I had forgotten how much I love that show). The girls instantly fell in love with it. The family really isn’t much different from ours, trade DJ in for a girl and there you have a working class family of 5 just trying to make in this world of ours.

At first the topics didn’t seem to risqué and didn’t invite to many questions but then it happened. Characters in the show started to go through certain changes and topics began to get a bit more complicated and I began to get a little more uncomfortable. Then the questions started coming :).

Sometimes our conversations last for hours and carry into the next day, next week even. Papa and I soon found ourselves explaining things we didn’t really know how we were going to introduce before. Slowly but surly any discomforts we might have had before began to slip away.

We watched all 9 seasons (spread out through the months)from start to finish. We laughed, cried and grew right along with the Conner family. I could not believe all the topics one show covered and I never imagined all that we would gain from doing this.

So yes I guess you could say television *did* change our lives and I do not regret one minute of it.

What are we watching now you ask? Malcolm In The Middle.

Oh and if you think there couldn’t possibly be more to learn from these shows then the topics presented. We are learning how we don’t want to be. We are learning how to avoid certain situations, we are learning……

Life is good!


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