“How to Be a Good Unschooler”

Quote taken from Pam Sorooshian’s article named above.

“5. It doesn’t matter when something is learned. It is perfectly all right for a person to learn all about dinosaurs when they are 40 years old, they don’t have to learn it when they are nine. It is perfectly all right to learn to do long division at 16 years old, they do not have to learn that at nine, either. It does not get more difficult to learn most things later; it gets easier.”


2 Responses to ““How to Be a Good Unschooler””

  1. Jamie Says:

    THANKS alot for posting this.I have been struggling so HARD
    with our reading/history curriculum and then there is always this thought in the back of my mind telling me that I am teaching something wrong OR he should be learning faster.I am TRYING so hard to remind myself that he will get certain things when times comes.This is the MAIN REASON to homeschool is for my my son.

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      ~”I am TRYING so hard to remind myself that he will get certain things when times comes.”~

      He will too :).

      I struggled for *years* with Miss Sky (like since the age of 4). She had absolutely no interest, through my eyes, in wanting to learn. She didn’t want to learn her ABCs and was *never* interested in anything math. (Remember just because you “teach” something doesn’t guarantee they “learn” it, even if they *can* pass a test about it.) I thought I can’t teach her, she has “special needs”, something is wrong with *her*.

      BUT wait she would literally get up Saturday mornings to watch, not cartoons but Marty Stouffer’s Wild America. She has *always* loved science and wanted to go see March of the Penguins at the theater. She *has* always wanted to learn. The problem was and always had been *me* not her.

      I get compliments literally all the time from people telling me how smart she is (and she is !) I was just to busy focusing on everything she couldn’t do to see it.

      So yes keep reminding yourself of that :).


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