A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/Continued ;)

There is and wonderful post over at Sandra Dodd’s inspirational unschooling blog, Just Add Light and Stir (link located under my blogroll), about being careful not to snuff out children’s passions, hobbies, or obsessions as you never know where they could lead. I could not agree more as I have seen first hand how one interest can connect to another, especially this week.

I had so much fun going over 2011’s posts with the girls, looking back and them picking out their favorites. *I* learned SO much about them by doing this.

I am ever so proud of *all* my girls (Big Sis you too!) and what they have learned and accomplished this year. Especially Miss Sky, because she was the one I was most worried about unschooling. She was the reason I had previously stated ” I am going to unschool everything *but* math”. I am so glad I let go of that because she is the one who has thrived the most.

She has been doing research on what new video games she would like to purchase. Now that the girls have their own allowance, Miss Sky is much more understanding of the value of a dollar, something I didn’t need to “teach” her by the way.

This week she completed her second video game, Ice Age 2, all on her own and even though she has almost completed 2 other games, Finding Nemo (which is really, really hard) and Scooby Doo! Night of 100 Frights, she likes having a variety to choose from. She has also purchased a few games that didn’t quite measure up to her standards, so this is why all the research (oh all the decisions she is learning to make for herself).

I am completely amazed at the lengths she went to find the “perfect” game and at the resources she used. First she brought up E-bay and Amazon to get an estimation on about how much money she was looking to spend then she brought up YouTube. At first I thought to look at the trailers but she informed me that “trailers just tease, they don’t really show much of what the game is about. I like seeing *how* the game is played”. So she brings up the walkthrough videos.

After watching a few levels she decides to switch back over to Amazon to read the reviews, the good and bad, then asks to visit our local Gamestop store to see if she can get it used with no shipping charges (seriously, I don’t remember thinking about this stuff at 11).

Well she was in luck, she went in knowing exactly the game she wanted, saw Gamestop had the  deal of buy 2 get 2 free and walked out not only with her game, Pac–Man World 2, much cheaper than on-line but 3 other games she was wanting too.

This is not all though. The 2 Ice age video games not only inspired us to watch the 3 Ice Age movies and read the Ice Age research guide from The Magic Tree House, previously, Miss Sky found the documentary Walking With Prehistoric Beasts on Netflix that we have been watching this week :). Look at all she could have missed out on learning if I had been negative of her interest in video games.

As for me and Little Sis, well I am still organizing our “nest” ,to inspire more learning adventures. I have been wanting to start a puzzle table and being that we no longer have a “schoolroom” I have been wanting to keep a nature table in our living room too.

My grandmother had a card table that*always* had a puzzle going on it. You could never walk by without adding a piece. Actually there are many very sweet memories connected to my grandmother and her puzzles but for the length of this post I will save them for another time.

Anyway finding an old table Papa had made for the girls I thought it was perfect for what I wanted to do (I love when that happens). I decided to try it out and brought out a puzzle we had lying around. I thought I would just start the boarder for them when in no time at all Little Sis asked “can I help you?” she LOVES all kinds of puzzles.(Oh yeah)

pictures 2318

More? Well yes there is :).

So the girls and I were watching another new favorite show, Don’t Forget The Lyrics (music has always played a big role in our family), when Alan Thicke was attempting to do the encore song. I have been stuck in Beatlemania for so long (not complaining mind you) that I had never heard of the song or of the singer. Well over to YouTube we go. I am SO glad we did

because she is awesome!

Well she has another song called Suddenly I See, when Miss Sky says “hey that song is in Thrillville!”.  Have I mentioned I love unschooling?

Life is good friends!

Wishing everyone a happy 2012!


4 Responses to “A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/Continued ;)”

  1. Ingrid McCarthy Says:

    I love the game searching (and how much is involved), love the puzzle table and “nook”, love Suddenly I See – it’s on my running playlist! Have a great New Year and life surely is good, isn’t it??

  2. Jamie Says:

    My son is learning the same with his money but guess what now he is trying to loan money to us but with interest.Shane thinks it is worth doing it for him so he learns about borrowing and loaning.Usually we dont carry cash but theother night we went to an auction and I bought a box of cooking magazines for $4 well he had it and we now owe him,Oh I love it.

    I remember growing up and doing the puzzles that were always laid out on the card tables.
    Have a great day and cant wait for the new year so we can make a date to meet up!!!!

  3. Kimberly Bright Says:

    Thank you for all the cool blog posts (especially the Beatles references!) and inspiration this year. A very happy 2012 to all of you!

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