A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/Gaming

Man this week flew by in a flash!

We have been busy, busy gaming this week. I posted last week about Miss Sky’s buy 2 get 2 video game deal, well this week we have been playing all of the games except the one she went to get in the first place. We haven’t “just” been playing video games all week though, board games played a big part in our week too so I will begin there.

We have been playing the heck out of Disney Apples to Apples (like daily). The girls love that game and Papa and I love playing it with them. They are SO cute when their card gets picked. Other games we played this week, Monopoly Deal(which both girls are catching on to really fast and kicking our butts!), the Sherlock game, Spot It and Toss Up.

Miss Sky’s been on the hunt to find a video game we could all play as a family. Papa really likes sports games and doesn’t care too much for story mode games *but* Miss Sky finally found some.

She picked out the video games The Sims 2 and Madagascar as part of her deal and we have been playing the heck out of both (Sims 2 is really addictive :)).   We liked them so much we completed Madagascar (as a family, yay!) We had such a blast doing this and when one of us had trouble with a level someone else was able to pass it. That’s not the best part of the game though, you could buy mini games when you earned up enough coins. So we played miniature golf, shuffleboard and a rave dance game (which I love!).

Then once we completed the game Madagascar, we watched the movie. You know this theme led the weeks play.

pictures 2320

We also watched the Disney movie The Aristocats and the game show Don’t Forget The Lyrics has quickly became a “Littles” favorite.

The new puzzle table has been very active this week.

pictures 2319

(Miss Sky measured the table to make sure we wouldn’t get too big of a puzzle. :))

I started a new read aloud this week.  Little Sis requested we read Kristen  from The American Girl series so we are half way through Meet Kristen. We got out the globe and traced Kristen’s journey from Sweden to Ellis Island and talked what it would feel like to be in a whole new country and not being able to speak the language.

Both my grandfather’s and grandmother’s parents (on my dad’s side) immigrated from Belgium to America just months from each other(and they didn’t even know). One of my grandmother’s brothers was actually born in Belgium and made the journey with them. So we also found Belgium on the globe and traced out their journey to America and then to Kansas City Missouri, where I am originally from.

We found Ellis Island on our United States map and traced Kristen’s journey to Minnesota and came up with the best possible routes to get there.

Oh there was more snuggles in bed as Little Sis read me Elephant and Piggie’s I Will Fly book and more sugar cookie baking and walks enjoying 60 degree weather( in January!) and….

Life Is Good!

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


One Response to “A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/Gaming”

  1. Jamie Says:

    What are you playing your video games on playstation,WII ?????I think we have some playstation games that Zachary took to gamestop but they wont buy them since they are going to stop making it soon.
    I hope we can finally get together within a couple of weeks.

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