A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Mammoths And Mastodons

Ever since Miss Sky’s interest in the Ice Age she has been wanting to visit our State Museum. Our state museum is divided into time periods starting millions of years ago journeying through present time.

For the first time Miss Sky took interest in the rock and fossil exhibits and I think it is from watching the Walking with….. documentaries. She was able to make the connections to what Pangea was and the role of the ice age. From watching the Discovery channels Prehistoric America she learned the difference between a Mastodon and Mammoth and was very excited to learn that many mastodon bones had been discovered in Indiana.

You could literally see her eyes light up while she was explaining everything she knew about this time period. I myself can’t wait to see what other connections the girls will discover from future visits.

Well besides our museum visit, as usual, there’s been lots of game playing going on like Disney Apples to Apples, Monopoly Deal, Uno, The Tea Party Game, and you know lots of video games too. We played the Madagascar mini games as a family, I can’t wait to play real shuffleboard, and Miss Sky played Madagascar 2 and Dog Island on the Playstation 2. Little Sis *loves* her new DS game Littlest Pet Shop and is very determined to complete it :).

We watched Madagascar 2 as a family, I finished reading aloud Meet Kristen and started Kristin Learns a Lesson. (By the way thanks dad for the “schoolhouse” books the girls have been using them to play pioneer school. :))

Next up we journeyed to our favorite park for a “winter” hike but besides the leaves falling from the trees, a little ice was the only evidence we could find.We even spotted Mr. and Mrs. Mallard.

Not wanting to miss out on any of the beautiful weather we’ve been having we played awhile at the playgroundthen headed for home.

Life is good, wishing everyone a great week!


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