A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/Computer Time

Well we had to say farewell to our old computer, yes it bit the dust. So this week has been all about “playing” with the new laptop :).

I have to say I am no “tekkie” but boy do I love all the new house space owning a laptop has created. I know how crazy this must sound to those of you who have been laptop owners for years but how awesome  the tech world has become! I mean portable computers.

Anyway I am not the only one who’s been loving this new laptop, nope the girls couldn’t wait to try it out.

I already posted about Miss Sky’s comic book but since then she’s also created animated animals (that really move) and even a short movie at Disney create (Still trying to figure a way to share a link to her work). Little Sis has been just as busy over at Disney create but has been spending most of her time over at PBSkids.com. They even have games using the webcam, how cool is that!

She has also been playing Jumpstart Kindergarten (She really likes this game).

She is ready to move on to Jumpstart first grade so I thought she might like to join Jumpstart on-line but she doesn’t like it,  she says it’s to “schooly”. So I guess I need to get her the first grade. 🙂

Miss Sky finally defeated Captain Hook from Kingdom Hearts. We have been stuck on this level forever I tell ya. Now we are getting into the finale stages of the game with some major” big boss” battles ahead of us.

Let’s see I have been helping Little Sis play Bratz, The Movie, video game. I thought she might like it since she passed her Disney Princess game but it’s still just a bit hard for her. The girls have also been playing the video game Dog Island which basically has no talking but all reading. This is great for Miss Sky, she loves it, but stinks for Little Sis who can’t quite read all they are asking her to do. So Miss Sky and I have been giving her a hand.

Something I thought I would save for a “discovery of a radical unschooler ” post is my journey to becoming less cynical (seriously, it has changed my whole point of view) . Meanwhile though we have been watching movies that I once deemed “unworthy” lately as a family. One being Barnyard, I mean bulls don’t have utters, anyway we all learned not to judge a movie by its trailer. Of course we will not be adding this movie to our list of all time favorites but it did have a good message attached and I have been learning not to be so darn serious all the time( life is just too short).

Then we had the usual Apples to Apples, Monopoly Deal, and Slamwich game play. Homemade chocolate chip cookies and the girls set up their own movie theater.Oh yeah and our puzzle is coming right along(will share picture when completed). It is actually the first thing the girls do when they wake up and we have started book 3 of the American Girl series, Kristen’s Surprise.

Life is good, wishing everyone a great week!


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