A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Curious Speaking Smurfs

Here in Indy winter has finally awoke! With the temperatures dropping sprinkled in with a snowy ice mixture, we fired up the wood burning stove and  snuggled up together on the couch this week.

The girls found plenty of new shows to watch on the Roku and a few dvds (thanks to Netflix) that created much chatter starting with Curious George,the movies.

Little Sis has loved Curious George stories since we saw a play performed at our Children’s Museum. George actually has always reminded me of Miss Sky with her curiosity fully intact where ever we go. I myself actually really liked the movie Curious George (and the music of Jack Johnson) since seeing it at theaters with Miss Sky and it was one movie I got while “Waldorf”.

Anyway Little Sis instantly fell in love with it too and so we also watched Curious George 2. There is a mixed review of the second movie. Miss Sky still holds the first movie as her favorite where Little Sis thinks the second one was “cute”. We also checked out the PBS television show a bit and Little Sis has been playing the game at PBSkids.com.

Miss Sky found Martha Speaks and we watched all the episodes they had available on Netflix and both girls spent plenty of time playing Martha on-line as well. I myself think it’s funny how they choose to watch “educational” shows 🙂 . I actually really like Martha Speaks myself and enjoyed  the homage to the Benny Hill show as he is one of my favorite comedians.

Well you know with my daughters love for animals this show triggered lots of creative play this week.I love all their little creations especially the hamburgerand her dogs remind me of Santa’s Little Helper from The Simpsons :).The best part though, for me, has been listening to both girls use the words from the show through out the week in their play. I love when Little Sis says “that’s eerie”.

We finished all of the Walking with Prehistoric Beasts episodes and the one about evolution and the missing link led to many interesting conversations with Miss Sky. We also found a few other documentaries that we checked out but Miss Sky is very picky about her documentaries and knows exactly what she wants. She is not to fond of the National Geographic ones because she doesn’t like “the non stop interruptions of interviews” (I think BBC has spoiled her).

Well you know with movie watching there is going to be snacks so we made rice crispy treats and Muddy Buddies this week and yes there was more Disney Apples to Apples and Monopoly Deal and Madagascar 2 video game play (it has musical chairs and hot potato mini games).

Last but not least we watched The Smurf movie as a family. The girls give this movie 2 thumbs up (they are so glad Smurfette wasn’t “dumb”) and actually don’t want me to send it back yet. We LOVE the smurfs here. It was my favorite cartoon growing up and I would watch it every Saturday morning before my soccer game. So once the dvds of the cartoon came out I started collecting them. It was interesting to learn they originated as a comic book first in Belgium. Miss Sky loves the graphic novels too.

Well I think that wraps up another great week. I think our days are beginning to shift more inward as winter hibernation starts to set in.

Life is good, wishing everyone a great weekend!


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