A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Snug As A Bug In A Rug

I’ve noticed here lately a pattern taking place in our household. Even though some of the same things seem to play a role in our week there is always one that plays a bigger part then all the rest. I like that about us. I like that even though we radical unschool we still have” rhythm”. It may look different then before with television and video games being added to our days but we do have a rhythm that is our own.

Since I find myself blogging less I try to take notes of our days, not because I can’t see all the learning that is taking place but because I know I will forget something by the week’s end :).Well last week it was the television and even though it had a part to play this week too, it was our snuggle time , aka reading time, that really stood out this week. My notes read something like this.

Played Disney Apples to Apples and Slamwich, family snuggled in bed while Little Sis read Green Eggs and Ham.

Made chocolate chip cookies ,watched Madagascar (Miss Sky bought it with her allowance), snuggled in bed and read Little Sis her new High Five magazine.

Miss Sky played Mario 64 DS and Little Sis played Littlest Pet Shop on their DS,

(Very seriously I should say.) and more snuggle time while I read some of Little Sis’s favorites and Little Sis read me Go Dog Go.

Watched more episodes of Martha Speaks which led us to Barnes and Noble to pick up the Martha Speaks 20th anniversary Story Time Collection by Susan Meddaugh, which led to more snuggles :).

Watched Word World( which was one of Little Sis’s favorite shows that Netflix stopped instant streaming then recently added it back again) and Ruby Gloom, played Sherlock, Go Fish, and a new card game Nacho Loco

( It is a cross between Uno and Dominos ).

Worked on puzzle, received new Ranger Rick magazines

which led to, yep you guessed it.

Life sure is good, wishing everyone a great week!


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