Discoveries Of A Radical Unschooler / This Moment

Something I have come to understand about radical unschooling is there are different steps one takes to “getting it”.

The first very much-needed step is deschooling (one month for every year in school including being homeschooled and not *just* for the children). This is one step that can not in any way be skipped.

I have already wrote posts about my deschooling “discoveries”. Actually after going back and reading past posts of when we first decided to unschool I can see how much we have not only changed but grew as a family since then. Now I “get it” why it would be silly to separate math from the rest of our day, but first *I* needed to see that math is already included in our everyday living before I could understand that.

Other steps I understand now that are important to take if one is serious about radical unschooling are healing the relationship with your kids(this one was HUGE for me, and not only with my girls but with my husband too). That even though some choices I may have made in the past were made with the best intentions they were not the best for my children. Miss Sky and I had trust issues to work through and many times she “tested” me to make sure I was serious about changing. Oh and speaking about change, another good step is transitioning  into radical unschooling gradually. If you didn’t “allow” television in your home before, letting go of limits all at once could possibly cause a knee-jerk reaction from your children( and yes it may seem that all they want to do everyday is watch television because it was such a big no-no before).

Now to get on with my current “ah ha” discovery. When reading something either from Sandra Dodd’s radical unschooling website or being a member of her Always Learning e-list you more than likely will hear her mention living “moment to moment” or “in the moment”. Sounds simple right? Well coming from a big planner like myself it wasn’t until watching an episode of ,The Style Networks, Clean House that her words hit me smack in the face.

If you are not familiar with the show, a group of people go into a families very cluttered house and help them get rid of stuff they don’t need to make their home livable again. Well it was when the garage sale guy, sorry his name escapes me at the moment, asked one of the homeowners ” is this serving a purpose right now?” that *I* came to understand what living moment to moment means to radical unschooling.

It means to stop buying, in my case, books that the girls *may* want to read in the future.(Remember this picture?)

It means not saying things like “I will not read my children “twaddle” or I will *only* read my children “the classics”. Why? Because your children are not you.

It means being so connected to your children you understand what they might like or don’t like. Like both girls *love* Martha Speaks right now at “this moment” and taking a trip to Barnes and Noble( or the library) to pick up a copy of the books by Susan Meddaugh.

It means picking up some Pinata apples from the store to try because your family *loves* apples.

It means not planning out a whole “school” year a year in advance or purchasing next years supplies because you don’t know what will happen next year.

It means not worrying about college now when your children are not even teenagers yet (Who said you *have* to go to college at 18, My dad and aunt went to college in thier 30s, and 40s. My neighbor is going to college now in her 50s).

It means living each day, hour, minute, second moment to moment present with your family.

How many precious moments I will never get back because I spent SO much time worrying about the next school year or spent SO much time on the computer researching a  “philosophy” when I should have been living with my wonderful family.

Time is so very precious and I don’t want to waste one more minute worrying about something that no one knows the outcome to.

It means it’s time for me to get living now :).

Life is good, wishing everyone a happy Monday!


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