A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/Dessert Every Night !

Happy February!

It has been beautiful here in the Circle City this week, perfect weather for the home of the Super Bowl this year ;). I think we may break a high-temperature record today (the middle 60s).

Well, you know our family is not one to let beautiful weather pass us by. Yep, the bikes have been brought out of hiding and a hiking we did go. Miss Sky nearly crashed her bike, “Look at the thorns on this tree. This is a defense mechanism just like in prehistoric times. I wonder if any mastodons walked here?”(Are you tired of my I love unschooling banter yet? Well I do ! 🙂  )

Okay, let’s travel a bit back in the week shall we with the Presidential address that we watched as a family. Of course, the girls lose interest halfway through but I am SO impressed with how much Miss Sky knows and understands about our government system at her age. She knows more than I did at her age that is for sure.

We have always walked down to our local polls to vote with both girls. One of our neighbors helps out there and the girls always impress other volunteers with their knowledge of candidates. I do want to add we do *not* use our children as a political billboard and allow them to make their own choices with the knowledge they grasp. Our family has never discouraged debate in our home(have we big Sis 😉 ). In fact, that is how I met my husband.

Anyway, after the address, we pulled up some School House Rock videos on Youtube.

Moving right along we played Animal Rummy and Nacho Loco this week and the girls bought new ds games Sim Animals and the Sims Kingdom. Funny story, Miss Sky purchased the Sims Kingdom and Little Sis thought Sim Animals was way too hard so they traded games and have been at them most of the week. They are both extremely happy with the trade.

We finished the Ruby Gloom series and both girls were so disappointed that Ruby never got to tell Skull Boy she liked him. Like most cartoon series I have watched with the girls, I enjoyed this one very much and was very sad to see it come to an end.

Little Sis played at Starfall this week and read me 2 plays, and a new prehistoric flip book we picked up along with Martha Speaks has been a big hit this week.Speaking about Martha the stories have been in the rotation(more than once)and there has been lots of time spent at PBSkids and more creations.

There was more interest in the Smurfs, we watched both Alvin and the Chipmunk movies together as a family (man how cute is Simon !) and Miss Sky declared “You know we should have dessert every night !”. So she is in charge of dessert making, starting with chocolate cake.This has been such fun and Miss Sky loves coming up with different ideas. The options are endless from a simple cup of hot cocoa to picking out last nights Neapolitan ice cream to try for the first time.

Know what else, I haven’t felt the need to *binge* on sweets anymore ( a huge problem of mine) because my sweet tooth is being satisfied a little bit every day.

Yes, life IS good!


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