“Pop Quiz”

How Much Do You Know?
Miss Sky took the quiz at the end of the “Lunch Scholars” article and here are her answers.
 I want to add that Miss Sky has never taken a quiz before.
1) Which of these is a branch of the U.S. Government?         *



2) Which of these was never a U.S. President?         *
Abraham Lincoln

Martin Luther King Jr.

Woodrow Wilson

3) Who was the first President of the United States?         *
George Washington

Alexander Campbell

Thomas Jefferson

4) What was the Cold War?         *
The nickname of World War II, since it was really cold

Political and military tension between the western World, and the communist world 

Nickname of World War I, since many died of hypothermia
 I asked her how she came up with her answers because even though she knows many of these topics the vocabulary was different. Here is her reply.
“Well republican and democratic are presidential parties and president is 1 branch of government so I knew the answer was c. I knew MLK was never president and really the first president?”( Little Sis answered this without the options. )”As to number 4, b was the only answer that didn’t have a war named.”
I personally don’t care *what* she scored on this quiz but am extremely proud of the deduction skills she used to find the answers :).

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