A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Choices

Well I see my notes starting to fill up fast so it must be time to write another Week In The Life post. As I look over my notes I notice the internet played the biggest part in our week, not so much for game playing this time but for research.

First and foremost though I want to mention that Little Sis lost her first tooth! I always knew she would lose hers earlier than Miss Sky but hey this is not a competition but a time for celebration.

We have always been straight forward about things like Santa or the tooth fairy with the girls. I mean when you have children with the age differences that we do (21, 11, 6 ) you are bound to pick up the truth sometimes. So in place of money under a pillow, Little Sis picked out how she wanted to celebrate this coming of age ritual. Like most kids her age, I think ?, she decided a round of milkshakes from McDonald’s was in order, and so we happily obliged. 🙂

Little Sis really likes the X-men character Emma Frost and has been saving her allowance to purchase the figurine. So we headed to Ebay to search for the best deals. This was so much fun as we had a map of our country handy checking out the best prices and where the figurine would be shipping from. Little Sis decided it was worth the 3 cent savings (and the best seller rating) to purchase the one from Ohio (I think she made a very wise choice).

There was reading and I posted about Little Sis reading Little Bear, well she finished the book and has started Little Bear’s Friend.

We played games of Charades this week and the usual Apples to Apples, Spot It, Nacho Loco, and Monopoly Deal.

We watched the movie Monsters vs Aliens this week as a family and Miss Sky watched the trailer and read the reviews of Mortal Kombat to see if she wanted to watch the movie (it has a PG-13 rating). Both girls have really being getting in with the video game (Little Sis loves fighting games and is the best fighter out of all of us) especially the story mode.

I am in no way worried about the violence from video games, television, or movies with my girls. Both of them know their limits of what they can stand to see and many times *Miss Sky* has Papa and I watch movies to see if we think they would be okay for her.

Miss Sky bought Madagascar 2 and has really taken an interest in how animated movies are made by watching the special features and listening to the commentaries. “Did you know that an animator will draw characters while watching the actors movements.”

“Black and white make gray” Little Sis shouted as she painted some new figurines she picked outand Miss Sky was busy creating homes for her new “pets”.I noticed Jumpstart had a Deep Sea Nintendo Ds game and purchased it for Little Sis, on account of her love for the computer game.


She was not disappointed. Little Sis is not the only one who has been seen playing it,  Miss Sky’s even been getting in with it (yes, I love when that happens 🙂 ).

**Update** Note to self do not list a product until *I* have played it first. Little Sis may not have been disappointed for the first 24 hours but this game soon got very boring, so I played it. You have to play the same 4 games over and over to collect oxygen tanks. Some games are harder than others(even for me) and it gets old pretty fast. I do not see this game becoming a favorite anytime soon.

I’ve taken notice of the games that my girls like to play. I can see that Little Sis likes to be mentally challenged (her love for mazes and puzzles ect.). Miss Sky loves the story mode, role play fantasy type games. I love being able to see 2 girls who learn completely different from each other come alive with excitement over their interests everyday. I am so truly blessed!

Life is good!


2 Responses to “A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Choices”

  1. jessi Says:

    i have been meaning to ask, did sky paint that bird that is in the cage? at first i thought i was real and im telling myself “there aint no way they bought a bird” 🙂 have a great day!!!

    love and miss you all

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      No we did not get her a bird. She didn’t paint it either, it is from one of her tube animals she collects. She has a fish hanging out in a hand soap refil bottle too. 🙂

      We love and miss you!

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