A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Game On

Though the majority of this week revolved around game playing, it is the movie we watched as a family that I want to start this post with.

This week we watched the movie Aliens in the Attic, (sorry about the open links still figuring out my browser).


Though this was a typical children’s movie that will not win any major awards, I have to say our family really liked it. This is one of those movies that has much more going on in it then the obvious plot. SO many great topics running through it that needed pause for discussion.

This movie portrays children in a very positive way. It shows how they can work together to problem solve without the need of adults. It shows  how if left alone in charge that not everything *will* go to h*ll in a handbasket. (Have you ever wanted to know the origin of where that expression came from? beheadings). It shows how hard adults can be on children (I wonder how many parents sympathised with the parents instead of the children). It shows how hard it is to be a child in an adult world,( and I wasn’t the only one to catch it, Papa did too, we’ve had a great discussion ourselves ).

Think about it, we expect children to grow up to be “thoughtful” considerate adults and yet as children, *adults* are always telling them what to do.

“Eat your vegetables”, ” Finish everything on your plate”, ” I don’t care if you don’t like it that is all you’re getting”, “No, you can’t eat dessert first”, “Yes you have to go to school”, ” If you don’t get good grades your grounded”, “You don’t need that”, ” Your not going to play video games all day”.

When *is* a child ever allowed to think for themselves?

I said it was a good family movie :).

What about the rest of the week you ask? Well we played lots and lots of games starting with Nacho Loco. Then we played Old Maid, Monopoly Deal, Sherlock, more Old Maid, Clue, and Apples to Apples. We also played the playstation 2 mini games from Madagascar 2 as a family (we really like musical chairs).

Speaking about Madagascar, I previously mentioned Miss Sky’s interest in animation well she made a few creations herself (Note to self we need a digital camcorder).

Little Sis played at Animal Jam,she loves the “Simon” musical game, and found all of the swamp journey book items to get her prize.

Miss Sky added the Weather Underground channel to the Roku where she has been keeping track of not only our weather but also California’s (Big Sis), Kansas and Missouri’s (My side of the family). She also has been checking out the weather in other countries.

We have been watching episodes of X-men and the Avengers again (Miss Sky can not wait for the movie) and a new show we discovered on Netflix, Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy.


We love this show! The first episodes included making moonshine (how Nascar started) and manners. Up Next was the Hells Angels (the gang was started by WW II vets) and the Civil war. We found out that if the Civil War was fought today the total casualties would be about 6 million people compared to the 1800s. Also Miss Sky was interested to know that there were women who dressed as men and fought in the Civil war too.

Little Sis discovered  Pixie Hollow at Disney Go,


and yes Martha Speaks is still in rotation.

(Little Sis making her own Martha story.)

Indeed life is good, wishing everyone a great weekend!


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