A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers Continued/ Buying Local

There is more to Indiana then having lots of small towns. We also have lots of local resources too, yes we do have more than corn :).

There are a few places that our family has come to rely on as homeschoolers. I guess you could say that I can easily order all these things on-line but then I would miss out on all the fun of getting to know people.

Being that unschooling is not always ” child- led” ,sometimes the parents lead , it is up to Papa and I to make sure the girls interests are being met. In other words our job is to make sure we keep our home life more exciting than if the girls were attending school.

It also means we need to be more attentive, why are the girls bickering?, are we in a rut?, are the girls *really* bored?, do we need to shake things up a bit? Maybe we need some new inspiration. This is when a visit to those “places” becomes important.

Places like Barnes and Noble ( I love that you can order a book on-line then pick it up in the store), Game Stop( the “experts” in video gaming) , the Library(Our small local library knows we homeschool and are always recommending new books), parks, The Game Preserve (I love that they can recommend new board games just for your family based on you previous buys, not to mention the *huge* selection they have), Hobby Lobby, United Art and Education (we never leave empty-handed), Half Price Books, and Goodwill. Now all Papa and I  need to do is figure out which place it is we need to visit.

Well besides a day trip this week our family felt the need for some “new” board games was in order, not just new as in brand new but well lets just say we needed to do a little dusting :).

There was some of the same game playing too like Disney Apples to Apples, Monopoly Deal, and Nacho Loco, we really like these games. Then we played some Bingo, Memory and there was a request to play the spelling game Bump but even after all this we headed out to The Game Preserve and United Art and Education for some new finds. We were not disappointed.

I have previously mentioned how completely different my girls are when it comes to game play but also feel the need to mention that because of certain attention spans our family prefers card games best.

So first up is the science game Animal Linkology.


This game was actually a big hit with both girls. We have already played it several times and I suspect you can probably figure out who the champ was. Then I picked up the game LCR.


I purchased this basic game for its potential. Not only to help Little Sis with learning her right from left but this game can also be played with money and candy :).

The big winner of the night though had to be the card game Wizard Jr.


The instructions seem to make this game much harder than it actually is but once we got the hang of it (after the first round) this game was quickly added to our list of favorites. (Thanks Game Preserve, did I mention any game you buy there can be returned if you’re not happy after playing it).

*Update* Since posting we have played this game at least everyday, sometimes more than once. Once you get the hang of it, which will only take like 5 minutes, the concept seems so simple but because you have to get your bids exactly correct in order to score points there is plenty of strategy as well.

There has been more going on though this week then just day trips, Valentines day celebrating, and game playing . The girls did stop long enough to have a tea party.Oh and Little Sis finally got Jumpstart first grade, should have purchased it in the first place because she *loves* it. I also want to mention she has finished *all* the levels including the hard of the block puzzle maze game in her Jumpstart DS game. I guess it wasn’t such a waste after all.

Now off to get ready for our play-date. I think Papa and I are doing a pretty good job of keeping things interesting around here.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


3 Responses to “A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers Continued/ Buying Local”

  1. Katie Says:

    Loved reading this. Barnes and Noble, GameStop and Hobby Lobby are on our regular list of “where can we go now?” if we are having a day where we need to get out, lol. We like Goodwill too, but I always come out of there spending way more than a sane person should when you think about what their prices are… 😀

    We enjoy playing games together too. All games. Board, card, computer, Wii and Xbox, etc. Our favorite-for-right-this-second games are Telestrations, Bananagrams, and a couple of games by the makers of Bananagrams called Pairs in Pears and Appleletters. I will check out the Wizard Jr game…that looks up our alley as well. And checking Amazon for the Linkology game; looks there are several variations to choose from!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Transitioning two boys, ages 12 and 7, from “school-at-home” homeschooling to unschooling… and enjoying the results (and the sanity it has seemed to restore) so far!

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Hi Katie,

      Thanks for stopping by. It’s nice to know there are other video gamer, television watching, computer lovin families out there :). How cool your boys are the same age difference as my girls (11 and 6).

      Welcome to unschooling,

      • Katie Says:

        Thanks, Kim! I love the 5 year age difference! I was initially afraid that we had waited too long to give my oldest a sibling, but it has honestly worked out fabulously! 🙂

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