A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/Wii, Wii Monsieur

It is no secret that Miss Sky loves video games. I will be honest and say at first when we started unschooling I was a bit nervous of this. I mean it’s one thing to “allow” children to watch television whenever they want, which is already frowned upon in homeschooling (for some reason), but video games too? I’ll be voted worst parent of the year for sure. 😉

Here is the thing though, once I actually sat down with Miss Sky and played one myself, besides having played SNES in my 20s, I found out video games can be really (really) challenging. Seriously I can not believe all the skills one needs just to play them. That alone sold me but wait there is learning too?!

I have previously written about how video games have inspired many learning adventures outside of playing them for Miss Sky, but what about all the learning that takes place in the actual game itself. Again it took me sitting down with Miss Sky and playing them for myself to be able to see how great video games really are in helping one learn so much that now I am *completely* confident in my decision.

All the fears I previously had, like the girls never wanting to spend time with us, or always having their face glued to a screen couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, just like television, video games have brought our family even closer.(I forgot to mention that both girls took their DS on our day trip and know what they didn’t even play them. We were too busy jamming with the Beatles 🙂 ).

Well we knew it was only a matter of time before Miss Sky asked for a more updated gaming system, she originally wanted a Wii in the first place but then changed her mind when she saw she could get a used Playstation 2 and 10 games for the same amount of money. It’s not that she is disappointed in her decision or the game system itself, she likes the Playstation 2’s game selection, or that she is unhappy about her Nintendo DS, actually she *loves* it, she is disappointed because we all can’t play together as a family.( Imagine a child being unhappy because she can’t spend *enough* time with us, well it’s true.)

Sure we could take turns playing mini games or fighting games but Miss Sky wanted more of a selection and she wanted all of us to play at the same time so this week she was busy on the computer researching which new game system she wanted.

Besides all the wonderful advice from the people at our local Gamestop ,(seriously they were *great* in explaining why it would be better financially in the long run ,for *us*, to *not* go with the Wii) Miss Sky also watched all the videos on Amazon before she made up her mind. Yep she knew exactly what *she* wanted and know what, she made a very wise choice. Wii love it! (sorry couldn’t resist.)

So yes the majority of our week has been playing the Family Game Night Fun Pack.


Our family loves playing card games, as you all well know, so this game was right up our ally. It includes the board game Life, Clue, Twister, Mouse Trap, Yahtzee Hands Down, Connect 4, Operation, Jenga, Pictureka, and Bop it. You can play the original of these games or a remix version. We have played the classic game of Life numerous times already as a family (all 4 at the same time), the girls love it! They have even created their own children.This is not even the best part though, you can also play a family game show where every family member competes against each other to see who the winner will be (even though we have always helped each other out while playing any game when help is needed).

While Miss Sky was doing all her research this week, Little Sis has been keeping herself occupied with new subscription magazine issues. She loves the little stories that come in the Big Backyard magazine and she loves reading them to us so this week Papa helped her play catch up,and I read her the new issue of High 5.She played more at Animal Jam, earning gems for a penguin, and Jumpstart 1st grade.

We have played more of the card game Wizard Junior, watched more X-men and Avenger episodes and watched the movie Open Season as a family.

We  are *all* really excited with our new purchase and Miss Sky has been doing more family game research and has already added many new games to our wishlist.

Life really is good!


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