Little Comments/ Parenting

While at United Art and Education Miss Sky decided she wanted to purchase an eagle for her animal collection.(pictured above)

The eagle ,she thought, was priced $8.99. While figuring out how much money she has this week we discovered the eagle really cost $15.99.

Miss Sky:” What! That isn’t what the tag said. If I knew it was that much I never would have bought it.”

She didn’t have enough allowance to cover her purchase. I wasn’t with her when she picked the eagle out and relied on the price she said was true. Neither of us checked the receipt until yesterday(oops).

Miss Sky: ” Are you going to make me pay for it?” She was really upset that the eagle cost that much.

We agreed long ago that if a purchase was over the amount of allowance they had they could choose to take out a loan from future allowances and pay 5% interest on any money borrowed.

Being honest here the first thought that came to my mind was yes you *are* going to pay for it, but since we started radical unschooling I have learned to pause and breathe before making decisions in the heat of the moment. I am learning to think before I speak and am trying to find the better choice to keep our home peaceful.

Parenting is *hard* especially when you haven’t been given the best examples to choose from. It is *not* an easy choice to go against how you were raised. I *choose* to work really hard to keep our home peaceful. I *know* the reward is priceless.

I realized I didn’t *need* to make Miss Sky pay for a mistake that was not all her fault. I am just as much at fault because I didn’t check to see how much the eagle rang up. I also could have checked the receipt days ago but didn’t.

We *both* learned something from this without the need of Miss Sky being shamed for making a mistake.

I did not make Miss Sky pay the full price. She paid what she thought was the original price of the eagle, $8.99 (plus tax) and I paid the rest. We talked about the importance of being more mindful when making purchases. She learned the importance of double checking price tags all on her own without me needing to “teach her a lesson”.


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