My Preview By Miss Sky.

Hi it’s me I’m here to talk about my preview of the New Super Mario Bros. Sorry how it’s  fuzzy and how it turns black and normal. Anyways I think this game is cool!

But if you don’t like story level pass it type games then don’t’ get it! It is on the Wii so you do have to do physical movements to fly. You also have to have the nunchuk for it. I like it because we as a family can play.  You can have 1 to 4 players on it and you can do a free for all and a coin battle. It is hard with more than one player because sometimes they don’t’ want to wait up and you die 😦 .  Now those of you that don’t believe in video games you dont’ know what you’re missing. I think that video games play an important part if you want to have family time and violent games can really relive stress:). So that’s all I have today thanks for reading .

Til next time :).


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