A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Clone Wars And Passions

Where has the time went? It has been noticed that the day has been sticking around a bit longer lately. Will winter end here in Indy without sledding at least one time?

Oh the funny things that happen while following your children’s passions. Once you begin to fully understand unschooling and how everyone is different and has different passions and talents to contribute and how one thing can lead to another you just might end up finding you a passion too.

So over the weekend I found out something about myself that was SO obvious and yet I myself didn’t even know it.

I am a lyricist, okay so I have never actually written a “song”, maybe I shouldn’t be calling  myself one “yet” but I have written tons and tons of poetry and actually won awards for some of them and even had one published(really). I LOVE to write (ahem my blog), I always have. In highschool english comp, next to American history, was my favorite class and both of those teachers were my favorites.

I could write a short story like nothing( it was getting in front of a class to read them that I hated!). One in particular was to write about someone who you looked up to. I chose to write about my grandfather who had passed away a few years before. I called it My Buddy and Me.

I had a really hard time reading it in class but I guess it struck a nerve with others as well because I was not the only one with tears in my eyes. In fact my teacher called me up after class to tell me how good it really was and asked if she could enter it in a contest. “Would I have to read it out loud?” She replied that I would if I won. I asked her if I could think about it (yes I was really that shy).

Well to make a long story short( told you I could write a short story 😉 ), I’ve mentioned how we are a musical household (always have something playing) and yet I have never felt the urge to play an instrument.

While talking with Papa about our favorite singers and musicians out of nowhere it came to me *why* I relate to certain songs or singers, *the lyrics*. I am *always* writing down lyrics that pop out to me from songs. I have a whole notebook dedicated just to that. It’s never been about the beat or musical score or a persons voice or instrument. It’s the words! It has taken me all these years to understand that. I would have been the songwriter not the musician. Man I love unschooling!

Anyways the girls have been following a few passions of their own this week. Let’s start with the renewed interest of Club Penguin.Yes both girls have spent time there and at Animal Jam this week playing, imagining, learning.

There was lots and lots of game playing like more Wizard Jr. Little Sis *loves* this game and is very, very good. This child is a strategic thinker and smoked us in *several* games. It’s funny because we had to keep looking at the age range of the game.

We also played the games Animal Linkology and Monopoly Deal. We played several more games of Life on the Wii and the Family Game Show. We even played a new game we picked up for pennies at Game Stop called Movie Games. This game is getting really bad reviews on Amazon, I think because of the length, but we really liked it. Where else can you get 2 hours of family entertainment for $5. I know it will be pulled out again.


Miss Sky wanted to write a review of the New Super Mario game on my blog.She is really passionate about kids being able to play video games because she herself has learned SO much from them. She wants to write about them from her point of view in hopes that parents might change their mind about *not* letting children play. I am 100% behind her. She wrote everything herself *without* my help. I just showed her how to use spell check.

We watched more episodes of Only In America with Larry the Cable Guy (he was at a zoo), X-men and Avengers .

Little Sis “played” more at Disney createand we signed up to receive Gamefly. http://www.gamefly.com/

Being we have 3 gaming systems now it only makes sense for us to rent games instead of buying them and either passing them in a few days or finding out you don’t like them at all. This way we will only buy the games we really like.

Well Miss Sky has been playing some of the arcade games on their website and really likes the game William and Sly 2. http://armorgames.com/play/12754/william-and-sly-2

Last but not least while checking out the free article from Science in the News http://www.sciencea-z.com/scienceweb/newsarchive.do I noticed this month was about cloning mammoths in Russia and thought Miss Sky would like to check it out. Well interested she was. “Don’t scientists know better ?, If mammoths were meant to be here today they would be! I do *not* believe man should interfere with nature, we have done enough as it is.”

I could go on and on but stopped keeping track of her comments after so long. This conversation alone took most of a day. Well this also led us to  watching the trailer to Jurassic Park, the girls don’t think they are ready to see the movie yet, which led to more conversation which led back to Miss Sky “I can’t believe someone would actually *want* to do that. Bringing an animal back into a world they are not meant to be in seems SO cruel to me”.

I love this family of mine, I do! Life is good.


One Response to “A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Clone Wars And Passions”

  1. Jamie@Meadow Creek Says:

    WOW,you guys have been keeping busy.I agree with you about the snow(where is it,will it atually be a winter without sledding?)I am glad we didnt go purchase a new sled this year.

    my son wants me to look into the gamefly,maybe I will look!!

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