Games, Games, Games

Wish I could include music to my titles, the one above would be said in tune with Motley Crue’s Girls, Girls, Girls ;).

Anyway Stephanie over at the blog Ordinary Life Magic is putting together a unschooling “tools” list. This week is all about games.

When we first began our journey into radical unschooling, which hasn’t been that long ago (June), I was searching for blogs to help get a feel of how unschooling looks and came across Stephanie’s very inspiring blog. Coming from a Waldorf “school at home” background it was hard to understand the concept that everybody’s unschooling will be different for every family. So I struggled a bit at first with “what do I do, what do I do?” So what did I do? I tried to implement what others did in our home and like others, I hope, before me I quickly learned that is *not* how unschooling works. Well fast forward to today, after a successful deschooling period, I believe we are on the right track. Our family has always loved playing games. Papa and I play rummy pretty regularly when the television is being occupied by certain girls for their needs. We have actually been playing since before the girls were born. So I knew games would play a big part in our family even if we were not homeschooling. Like most families, again I hope, my girls couldn’t be more different. They have always been like night and day. Little Sis,6, is very head orientated. She loves a mental challenge and Papa and I can play games with her all day long. Miss Sky,11, on the other hand, is more into fantasy, story mode, role play type games(more into video games but that is another post topic) so she will only play games that are quick and then she has to like *really* like them to participate. So my list will lean more toward quick card or dice games that we enjoy playing as a family. I will be honest I am not one that does a lot of research when it comes to buying games. That is why I really like our local Game Preserve store to help find games that fit our family best. I also want to mention we do not really play for competition but mostly for fun. So in other words, if we see something that one of the girls might have over looked or if Little Sis needs help with reading a card that’s what we do. It’s more about the learning process than the outcome of the game. Well, let’s get to the list already :). I have to say Little Sis’s love for games all started with Raupenwurfeln, aka the caterpillar game by Haba.

This game was great in introducing Little Sis to game play and her colors. She has been hooked ever since. Now our favorite game list has grown to include Spot It


Nacho Loco ( pictured above)

Wizard Junior (a new family favorite)

Eeboo Animal Rummy

Monopoly Deal (we love, love, love this game) Miss Sky loves playing Monopoly but unless we had a lot of time to spare we wouldn’t play it. Now we can play it whenever.

Animal Linkology


Disney Apples to Apples (we like this version because it has pictures to help Little Sis play and also poison apples which help with opposites)



The Best of Charades

Toss Up


and last but not least Eeboo The Tea Party Game

*Updated* to add Frog Juice


Disney Headbanz

Fluxx (we have the Oz version but no matter which Fluxx game you get the play is still the same)

Can’t believe I forgot Bananagrams. We actually use the tiles to play Hangman or to just practice spelling words more than we actually play the game, but now that the girls are getting older I am sure we will be playing the game more.


Rat a Tat Cat

Pass the Pigs

Word Shout

Well, I think that sums up a favorite list. We do have other games like Candyland, Hi Ho Cherry O, Battleship, checkers, dice, and numerous decks of cards(I actually carry a deck in my purse) but we do not play them as much as the others listed. This was fun thanks Stephanie for putting it all together! Wishing everyone a great weekend!


4 Responses to “Games, Games, Games”

  1. Tina Says:

    That is a great list! All kinds of new games for me to check out. Thanks!

  2. Ingi Says:

    Lovely post! We LOVE games around here too and now I have lots of new ones to check out!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Cool! I don’t think we have any of those! 🙂
    Thanks so much for writing this post, and sharing with all of us!

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