A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Down Time

For the last couple of weeks it seems like we have been really, really busy. So this last week we decided to just take it easy and enjoy all our new toys :).

I previously mentioned how we received our first rentals from Gamefly. I have to say that after signing up our first shipment arrived incredibly fast. We did sign up to get 2 games out at once and besides Wii Party (this game rocks by the way, we played it all week!) the girls also chose the new Donkey Kong Returns(maybe Miss Sky will do a review of it soon ). Gamefly is all up to the girls. Miss Sky does the research on the games and adds the ones she thinks she and Little Sis would like to their list.

We also played The family game show again and many more games of Life (which Little Sis will tell you is her favorite video game only by a tad from Wii Party). Little Sis is really hard to find video games for. I think her and Papa are a lot a like in this way.

Papa doesn’t like “story mode pass it level type games” like Mario, which is why Miss Sky mentioned that in her review 🙂 . His favorite games are Chess and Risk. He like Little Sis is a strategic thinker and likes a good mental challenge. I know there are lots of these type of video games out there but they all are a bit hard for Little Sis to play right now.

So to get back to my point, finding video games for the whole family to play can be tough for us that is why finding Wii Party, Family Game Night, and Family Fun Fest movie game(which has lots of puzzle type games) was such a success for our family.

The Wii was not the only thing that received attention this week though. There has been lots and lots of X-men and Avenger episode watching going on as well as more game play and reading too (yes reading).

I told Little Sis about my post of our favorite games and she asked if I included Wizard Junior. I told her of course which she replied “good because you know that *is* my favorite game”. It really is, sometimes we play it 3 or 4 times a day and last week I lost count of how many times we played it. She can even add up her own score now.

Miss Sky decided to try her hand at a science project, which she herself made up (the best kind of experiment right?).It all started with some of my polyfill and a jar filled with about 1/4 cup water. She wanted to see if she could make a rain cloud by turning the jar upside down and seeing if it would rain inside. I mentioned maybe she should try the same thing using cotton balls and wool which I also happened to have on hand. The polyfill was a sucess to use as a rain cloud because it was the least absorbent of them all. I asked if she knew why and from a past study of fibers we did she remembered polyfill was a synthetic material.

Last but not least, the reading.Miss Sky is anxiously awaiting the new Avengers movie and to pass the time she has been watching all the cartoon episodes of X-men and Avengers again which has led her back to the comic books.

Well Miss Sky is not the only member of our family to be a fan of Marvel. So is my brother-in-law and he graciously supplied Miss Sky with a great new stash of comic books (Thanks Uncle John, you are Miss Sky’s hero at the moment 🙂 ).

She spent most of the weekend in her room playing catch upand came out long enough to fill me in on all the details.

“Mom guess what?!, the X-men finally join up with the Avengers. I am SO excited!” She also informed me that Sif is Thor’s sister in the comic book not his wife which she remembers from  Norse Mythology. Now that she knows to look for the Avengers West Coast comic books I think a trip to Half Price books is brewing.So much for down time.

Wishing everyone a great week!


2 Responses to “A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Down Time”

  1. Ingi Says:

    Wii is my favourite console too. Give me a good night of Wii Bowling and I’m a happy woman! DS is happy now playing Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword – no levels (only areas) I’m told 🙂

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