Unschooling Math

So here is what unschooling math looks like in our home :).

It looks like games, researching video games and estimating prices, allowance, percentages, negative numbers, decimals, savings, buying,baking, liquid, dry measurements, fractions, division, sewing, yards, building, inches, centimeters,newspaper huts, multiplying, playing with numbers,

zome tool, geometry, tangrams, tessellations, puzzles, patterns,telling time, hours, minutes, seconds,checking the weather channel, celsius, farenheit, moneycounting, sorting, 5s, 10s, 100, dollars, earning gems, adding, subtracting, playing,weight, pounds.

It looks like living :).

You can read more about unschooling math over at Ordinary Life Magic.



4 Responses to “Unschooling Math”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    🙂 This made me grin hugely! Yup.

  2. Ingi Says:

    Love it! So inspiring!! Must get me some of those geo-zome thingies. And I think a newspaper hut is just the thing for a wet day 🙂

  3. Tina Says:

    I love the dome! That has been on my to do list for a while now.
    Great post!

  4. dkjsv05 Says:

    Yes, yes, and yes the newspaper hut is a must! So much fun I think I will have to bump it up to do again :).

    I am putting the link to both the Zome and instructions for the hut here.



    I highly recommend the big bag of parts to save $$$$$.

    I also updated this post to include another *fun* way to play with multiplication and numbers, a math clock. It is like this one but made on a piece of wood with nails.

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