Life Lessons From Popeye

I was going to post this under Little Comments but really I think this deserves a post of its own.

We have been watching the original Popeye cartoons here lately as a family before bed. The girls LOVE to imitate Olive Oyl.

“Oh Popeye, Popeye save me, save me I am just a dumb girl who can’t possibly do anything myself.”

They crack me up these girls of mine. 🙂

Miss Sky: “This is why I like X-men over all the other Marvel and “superhero” shows. The girls can stand on their own ! Yes even over The Avengers, Wasp gets hit once and she’s useless.”

I am amazed at all my girls are learning from watching cartoons. The comment about Wasp made me laugh SO hard because I didn’t even notice this ! I also remember watching Popeye as a child, when I could sneak it at grandma’s. My mom was worried about the needless violence not how it portrayed women :). Maybe because she made such a big deal about the violence I never noticed these other things before, but I don’t ever remember thinking about such things when I was Miss Sky’s age.

Television doesn’t *just* need to “educational” in order to learn from it. The girls are learning SO much about the history of their world by just watching “dumb ol’ cartoons”.


One Response to “Life Lessons From Popeye”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Ha! Good point!!

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