Little Comments

With all the talk of math this week I couldn’t help but post this :).

Miss Sky LOVES animals, oh I am sure if you have been reading awhile you already know this. Well Miss Sky also likes Schleich toys and has an ongoing animal collection going with her allowance.

While at the store Miss Sky:” Mom look they have this horse marked under Mare.” She turned it upside down for me to prove otherwise.

She also showed me another box the store had labeled Ponies. Miss Sky:” I can not believe how many people confuse foals or colts with ponies. A Pony is a small horse not a baby horse!!!” This is not the first time she has come across this. She even found a mistake in a Word Ladder workbook.

Anyway she picked out 3 horses that cost $7.29 a piece. Miss Sky:” Lets see 7 times 3 is 21 and if I round the 29 cents to 30 that means the 3 horses will cost $21.90 not including tax. I have $16.00 saved, can I borrow from my allowance?

For the sake of making *everyone* in our household happy, like Papa, we all agreed the girls could borrow up to 1 months allowance and pay it back along with 5% interest. This is just what works for us. 😉

Yeah life is good!


One Response to “Little Comments”

  1. Ingi Says:

    Amazing how much you learn and do in the course of an “ordinary” day 🙂

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