A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ I Interrupt This Program….

Well it has finally happened, the girls have discovered the world of Minecraft. I knew it was only a matter of time really. I know there are tons of things written about Minecraft already so the only thing I will say is *finally* a game that makes everyone in our household happy. In fact the computer has been in high commodity around these parts lately. I had to pry it away briefly just to write this post , yep even Papa. 🙂So I’m sure you can imagine how most of the week was spent. Though there were other things too.

Like Miss Sky researching Sonic video games and adding them to the on growing list at Gamefly and discovering the cartoon.

Little Sis has spent time this week playing at Disney create,Animal Jam, Pixie Hollow as well as Minecraft.

We played more games of Wizard Junior, Animal Rummy, Nacho Loco, and Monopoly Deal. Then on the Wii we played the remix versions of Clue and Life. We also played the Family Movie Games too.

Before Miss Sky discovered Minecraft this week she has been playing around on the Mii channel and created all her favorite X-men characters so we could use them in our games. She also found and figured out how to download DS demos that the girls have been playing. This is actually how she found Sonic.

Little Sis LOVES Elephant and Piggie books! Well this led us to Barnes and Noble to pick up  a new story( to fill the time waiting for her turn to play Minecraft).Thanks to these books she now understands what the explanation mark means and I don’t think I could ever get tired of listening to her read them to me.

While out and about Miss Sky found a new project.The girls enjoyed doing different experiments once the Spider Balls grew their full size.Now to rejoin our regular scheduled program, we will be joining Miss Sky’s Minecraft already in progress. Life is good!


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